The Angel Investor And The Dating App: A Technology Love Story No One Needs

by Travis Mateer

I was worried about the path technology was taking us, as humans, but that was before learning about ANGEL INVESTORS and how these amazing people are finding really cool ways to drop little angel seeds on people like Taylor Margot, the CEO of a Missoula-based technology start-up.

The problem this Missoula-based technology start-up is aiming to fix is not one I’m familiar with because I’ve been married for nearly twenty years, which means I never had the chance to use dating apps.

If I WAS using dating apps, there are apparently experiences users have where they are stuck staring at a blank screen.

And this is a problem. From the link:

Margot said that in the online dating world, a consistent problem users have with various apps is they don’t know what to say first.

“You’re staring at a blank screen and need to get the ball rolling,” he said. “That problem is ubiquitous and consistent. For those daters, that ‘cold start’ is high-frequency and high stakes. One fun stat is our keyboard was used over 60,000 times in November.”

Wait, so the solution to this HIGH STAKES “cold start” is a keyboard? No, silly luddite, the solution to this problem created by technology is MORE TECHNOLOGY, and not just some keyboard, but a special, AI-infused interface keyboard thing to help humans start their NEW NORMAL dating ritual. I’m not kidding:

“Instead of letters there are ideas,” Margot explained. “We had experts in (artificial intelligence) come up with a way to produce entire sentences if you tap a particular button. For example, if you type ‘curious’ it will generate text and suggest a way to ask a question. We are at the frontier of the intersection between human-generated language and AI-generated language.”

I can’t even.

Is this what we get for being a nice place to fly fish?

Investors like Pat LaPointe call themselves angels, then shed some angelic capital on a “Missoula-based” company. How Missoula, you ask? The article pimping this ridiculous scenario ends with this:

Margot is the poster-child of how Montana has become an attractive hot spot for new technology startups because of its access to outdoor recreation and lack of crowds.

“I was born in Palo Alto and was a corporate lawyer in San Francisco for too many years,” he said. “That’s exactly why I am in Montana, and what drew me to Montana to start a company here. Also, because there are resources like Pat.”

Poster-child? On that we can agree.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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