What Is Going On Between Revive Missoula And Covid Calvinists Like Glenda Bradshaw?

by William Skink

To avoid the death of their businesses and livelihoods, desperate business owners without access to corporate capital have formed a coalition called Revive Missoula’s Bars and Restaurants, but I’m doubtful they will find much success.

Why? Because THE GREAT RESETTERS and their psychological warfare tactics are simply too successful to counter, as evidenced by the reaction of Clyde Coffee owner, Glenda Bradshaw, who is exhibiting signs of Stockholm Syndrome when she says this:

“Over the next few months, we need everyone in the community to step up and support all small business in whatever way they can,” Bradshaw said. “There is nothing in current health department restrictions that precludes us from doing so. Otherwise, we’re going to see massive small business failure between now and the time a vaccine becomes effective. There are many ways to do that, and although I respect what the Revive group is attempting, I fundamentally disagree with any efforts towards loosening Covid restrictions at bars helps us achieve that goal. If anything, I think it moves us backwards.”

Before getting to why I think Glenda Bradshaw’s brain is occupied territory, I’d like to tell you about a conversation I overheard between my wife and her friend, who is from Finland.

My wife’s friend–we’ll call her Finny–was telling my wife how here sister, who still lives in Finland, was horrified at all the school restrictions we are experiencing in America. In Finland they didn’t choose to psychologically terrorize their children, and somehow they avoided the apocalypse. Go figure.

Now, this is just an anecdotal story, but it highlights a different attitude from a different country, and therefore might be useful as a data point for countering occupied brains in the states.

When my wife mentioned this at Thanksgiving, my father, who also has heavily occupied neural-pathways from years spent serving corporate America, sputtered out something about Finland being small. He didn’t give the story any serious thought, and he didn’t do any research into Finland’s phenomenal education system. Instead, his reaction was more like antibodies attacking a virus being introduced into his body’s operating system.

Since I don’t have the temperament for in-person conversations with members of my own family about this issue, I’ll use the blog to ask some questions of people like my dad and Glenda Bradshaw.

Question 1: what do you actually know about PCR tests, antigen tests, and the rate of false positives these tests produce?

Question 2: how do you account for experts like Fauci reversing himself on the efficacy of masks, and what peer-reviewed studies do you base your belief on the efficacy of masks on?

Question 3: how many deaths are being attributed to OTHER respiratory illnesses, like influenza and pneumonia?

Question 4: how much money do you have to fall back on?

That last question may sound a little harsh and intrusive, but for awhile now I’ve suspected that people who are very PRO-LOCKDOWN are also in many ways the same people who are not as financially impacted by the consequences of shutdowns and restrictions.

For my dad, that is most definitely a factor, and I wonder what his perspective would be if his finances were being negatively impacted because money is VERY IMPORTANT to him. As it stands, he was already working from a home office, and he’s busier than ever, so his financial position is secure.

What about Glenda Bradshaw?

Getting back to the article, Bradshaw claims (using the royal “we”?) to be exhausted and running out of money, but then acknowledges she decided to close her coffee shop ALL WINTER “for the safety of her staff and customers“.

How exactly does being deprived of work keep your staff “safe”? And how can a little coffee shop owner afford to close for an entire season? Did she consult her staff before making this decision? Is she still paying rent?

I think it’s fair to ask these questions because Bradshaw is using her position as the owner of a small business to make sure restrictions that are killing her competitors are kept in place. If Glenda thinks she can weather the financial darwinism that was unleashed by THE GREAT RESETTERS then I’m curious why her financial position is more secure than other coffee shop owners who didn’t get quoted in a Missoulian article.

I’m also wondering if there’s not some moral undertone as well between BAR owners selling alcohol and COFFEE shop owners selling that sweet black crack. Since coffee is my jam now, I’ll add Clyde Coffee to my DO NOT SUPPORT list along with TIF recipient, Starbucks.

I hope this Revive effort can help the small businesses that make Missoula Missoula survive. If this effort is successful, it won’t be because they got any help from these Covid Calvinists and their disingenuous cult of protection, but in spite of them.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to What Is Going On Between Revive Missoula And Covid Calvinists Like Glenda Bradshaw?

  1. Greg Strandberg says:

    Her closing the coffee shop all winter was also a huge red flag for me in that story. It’s interesting that of the 70 businesses in this coalition, the corporate press just chose to run her interview.

    I also find it interesting that the virus doesn’t spread in coffee shops as much as in bars. But is it really spreading in either? The health department says its mostly family gatherings that are doing it.

    We’re also lucky that the virus is kind, and that it sits on the sidelines while we take off our mask and eat.

    Do you have any more wool at your house? I’m fresh out.

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