Whitney Webb Shows A Good German Like Bernhard At Moon Of Alabama What Real Journalistic Courage Looks Like

by William Skink

It’s sad to see a blog I once valued transform into a willing whore for Big Pharma, but I don’t know how else to read this post by Bernhard at Moon of Alabama, which ends with this:

So far all of the vaccines under discussion seem to be safe and efficient enough to defeat the pandemic. I for one see no reason to reject any of them.

Well, I for one see no reason to continue reading the “good German” who came to this conclusion.

Instead of exposing myself to MoA, I’ll continue reading the kind of reporting that takes actual courage, like Whitney Webb’s work, which you can find at her new site Unlimited Hangout, like this piece about Pfizer’s work on the Covid vaccine race. From the link:

We are about to examine a subject that has been one of the most censored topics in the modern era. But now, more than ever before, we are in desperate need of the information that is being systematically hidden from the public. This article will be banned and attacked by those who believe we, the general public, shouldn’t know all the information about what they want to achieve from the coming mass global vaccinations. The reason for the current establishment’s unwillingness to speak about this subject leads to perhaps unnecessary suspicion. Such suspicions will never be dismissed via the currently employed tactic of smearing anyone who questions intentions. If governments worldwide want their populations to submit to these vaccinations, then they need to stop patronising people and speak honestly. However, since that is unheard of, they will continue to employ coercive tactics, as they will be trying out a never-before-approved experimental method to boost the immune system by manipulating the process our DNA uses to signal for the creation of certain proteins, and we have little idea of what the long-term impact this brand-new therapeutic technology could have on our health. No politician, medical expert, or pharmaceutical representative is willing to accept responsibility for challenges that might be around the corner.

Many of the pharmaceutical companies researching potential coronavirus vaccines are using old methods. They take a proverbial pinch of the virus and infect your immune system at a very low and slow rate, allowing your body the time it needs to build up a natural immunological resistance to the illness. But developing those types of vaccines is a slow and arduous process, and the current leaders in the race to mass global vaccination are pharmaceutical companies using a radical new method that has never been tried before.

‘They are going to hack the cells in your body in order to make them into drug factories’, says Nathan Vardi, a staff writer for Forbes, in a video titled Why Pfizer Is Betting Big on an Unproven Treatment for Covid-19, from March 2020. ‘The problem is with this approach’, Vardi admits, ‘is there’s never been an approved mRNA product’.

Whitney Webb is doing amazing work, both on the US government’s Warp Speed vaccine development and the Epstein network. If you want to better understand the world in which you live, I suggest visiting her new site.

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3 Responses to Whitney Webb Shows A Good German Like Bernhard At Moon Of Alabama What Real Journalistic Courage Looks Like

  1. dennis g flagen says:

    Most of the news on these vaccines have come from corporation headquarters which in turn has driven the stock market higher. I would like to see more scientific data. Today AstraZeneca admitted their vaccine may only be 62% effective instead of 90% due to manufacturing problems. There is good reason to be cautions of Big Pharma. Many of those big pharma companies told us how safe opiods were but caused the worse drug epidemics ever and still is on going. Basically starting the Meth problems when suddenly opioid addicted people were cut of from opiods. Yes these drug companies received large monetary fines but no one company owner or executive went to jail. I am old enough to recall how the drug thalidomide sold as safe caused thousands of birth defects. I am not anti vaccine but I want to see more independent scientific information on these Covid vaccines.

  2. Djinn&Tonic says:


    Also, this:
    “In the Army I was expected to protect people at all costs,” Kopchinski said in a statement. ”At Pfizer I was expected to increase profits at all costs, even when sales meant endangering lives.”

  3. Djinn&Tonic says:

    This is a new mRNA Vaccine, it definitely needs to be tested and scrutinized before we roll this out. Most of us have less than 1% chance of dying from COVID, but have no clue about the side effects of this vaccine. I’ll take my chances with COVID.


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