Dear Disappointed And Enraged,

by William Skink

I am writing to you today to warn you of a trap, sprung on you four years ago, and now moving into a new phase.

The Don-Con you nibbled one Q-crumb at a time caused you to hallucinate white hats where none existed. I am sorry to inform you that there never was going to be a mighty stallion on which William Barr would gallop forth, Durham close behind, to take down the demon-possessed child fuckers (who really do exist, by the way).

I will admit a small portion of my wishful-thinking psyche took in the con as a possibility, even though I am staring right now at a science fiction book written by William Barr’s dad, Donald, where he indulges in off-world rape fantasies.

Did you know William Barr’s dad helped Jeffrey Epstein get a job at the elite Dalton school many years ago?

The trap’s new phase entails a jarring flip where Russian-obsessed conspiracy theorists (who spent four years throwing all manner of near-treasonous bullshit at a figurehead that truly deranged their brain functioning) are now smugly lecturing you to ignore any red flags of fraud as they celebrate their scorched earth victory.

The goal I am setting for myself, after the smooth anointing of Biden on a Saturday by corporate media, and the even smoother certainty being cemented in place through their megaphones of repetition, is to not take out my anger on those closest to me.

Unfortunately I have failed rather consistently all weekend on that front.

Instead, I really should marvel at the engineering of the Don-Con, and how the Integrity Transition Project really did script out what’s going down right now.

I’m sure the deals have already been cut, and now those closest to the Trump cartel are explaining to their Don how much fun Trump TV will be, and how much money he’ll make, and how the Vanka-Kush Clan will be set up splendidly in New Jerusalem when the time is right.

And if you fight any of this, Dear Disappointed and Enraged, you will be mercilessly gaslit, cancelled, vandalized and harassed until you do something stupid to get yourself arrested by Kamala’s new federalized police bureau.

It won’t be easy to ignore the provocations, especially if you continue using social media. Instead, do what the opposition never did when Hillary went down in flames: take some time to self-reflect and consider how your overreaction to the fraud being shoved down your throat is exactly what is expected of you, and will be used against you if you’re not careful.

This is a marathon, people. Act accordingly.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to Dear Disappointed And Enraged,

  1. Big Swede says:

    Its about the integrity of the vote.

    Language Warning.

  2. Eric says:

    The USA should never lecture any other country about elections since we just proved the USA cannot run an election!

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