Are Pushers Of THE GREAT RESET Using The Conference Of Mayors To Transform Urban Centers Into Smart Cities?

by William Skink

Years ago a good friend told me about smart cities, and not in the utopian language we are starting to hear more and more of as global sociopaths leverage an exaggerated pandemic to implement their GREAT RESET.

One of the coordinating bodies for the smart city component of our future dystopic utopia is the United States Conference of Mayors. I went looking for our illustrious leader and, sure enough, here he is:

After poking around the website for awhile, I found the Mayors Leadership Institute on Smart Cities. From the link:

Currently, there is no fully developed and executed smart city anywhere. There are no clear standards, financing strategies, or even definitions. In this vacuum, many municipal leaders are feeling smart city fatigue as they try and make sense of the barrage of pitches from vendors and private consultants now populating this field. 

Despite the confusion, a number of cities are making significant progress, as well they should. If harnessed effectively, new technology tools can vastly reduce crime, boost job creation, and improve public transit, among other potential problems these tools have the potential to solve. But true progress demands mayors understand these issues on their terms and how they apply to their city. They need clarity of vision, concrete budget, and operations plans and an honest appraisal of the many potential partners. 

The Mayors Leadership Institute on Smart Cities (ISC) will address these issues. It will establish a smart city model approach that, for the first time, is led by mayors themselves. At a more concrete level, the ISC will provide knowledge, practical skills, resources, and best practices in a peer-to-peer setting. The Institute will flip the current industry-led dynamic; it will position municipal leaders to define priorities and build a model that accelerates progress for American cities.

How should the enlightened thought leaders of our NEW NORMAL deal with crazy paranoids who might be suspicious about smart cities, or its larger umbrella agenda of THE GREAT RESET?

If they let me write from the reeducation camps, I’ll let you know.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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