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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com

Performing Bill Burt’s Campaign Letter

by Travis Mateer Yesterday I acquired a copy of Bill Burt’s letter to potential voters and, after reading its lengthy content, I decided it needed something to give it some PUNCH, so I grabbed my guitar and got to work. … Continue reading

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Missoula Sheriff Department Training Games And A Right-Wing Witch Hunt Makes This Citizen Journalist A Little Puzzled

by Travis Mateer National media attention can be a powerful thing, especially when labeling things RIGHT-WING. A local headline this week highlights the fear this potential labeling generates: Missoula Sheriff drops Oath Keeper affiliated training. From the link (emphasis mine): … Continue reading

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Networking And Beasting In The Boom Days Of Zoom

by Travis Mateer While I’m not really clear what a publisher of a corporate appendage like the Missoulian actually does, I do appreciate some of Jim Strauss’ tweets, like this one: Networking in ANY community is very important, and Missoula … Continue reading

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Some Non-Missoula News From Missoula Media

by Travis Mateer If you’ve been scanning local headlines in Missoula over the years, like I have, you might have noticed the creep of NON-Missoula news into the headlines. While this phenomenon can be attributed to the decimation of local … Continue reading

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What Does My Purchase Of A Black Lives Matter Pin Benefitting The Montana Racial Equity Project Actually Do For Black People In Montana?

by Travis Mateer The title of this post might be a little misleading because I DID NOT waste my money on a #BlackLivesMatter pin in Missoula. Instead, I took a picture documenting the fact some of the monetary proceeds go … Continue reading

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