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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com

Why Are Two Sheriff Offices Now Failing To Call Me Back Or Acknowledge Any Investigation In The Death Of Joey Thompson?

by Travis Mateer I know the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office is busy, what with people dying in parks and on sidewalks and all, but I’m worried that a County with no investigators is being expected to be the primary jurisdiction … Continue reading

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Director Of Community Planning And Development Tells Missoula Public To Call 911 If Crimes Are Being Committed…Hilarious!

by Travis Mateer If the director of community planning and development, Eran Pehan, wants to explore a different career path someday, I suggest stand-up comedy, because the suggestion that we still have adequate tools to deal with criminal behavior is … Continue reading

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Drugs, Gold Bonds, And Harley’s Final Snooze

by Travis Mateer What pulled people out west? Material opportunities, like finding gold. Or other opportunities, like reinventing yourself by moving to a piece of geography where no one know what you’re leaving behind. Or running from. What are bonds? … Continue reading

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Can Missoula Balance Public Safety Without Triggering The Charge Of Criminalizing Homelessness?

by Travis Mateer First, let me say I appreciate Daniel Carlino’s continued dedication to his principles, but on this issue I do not agree with the characterization of the balance being sought in public parks as school kids are on … Continue reading

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Exploring The Possibility I Was Wrong About Private Security Patrols Around The Poverello Center

by Travis Mateer I had already begun reassessing my opinion of a specific private security firm before listening to Pat Montgomery describe his deep appreciation for how patrols in the neighborhood around the Poverello Center lessened the criminal behavior that … Continue reading

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