How To Write An Article With Little To No Quality Information In It

by Travis Mateer

I talk a lot of shit when it comes to a particular local media outlet because its proprietor, Martin Kidston, is NOT just a terrible writer, he’s ALSO a narrative-controlling stenographer for our local political establishment, and it REALLY SHOWS with articles like this one.

The title of the post introduces a topic that one might assume the body of the article will elucidate. Here’s the title: With construction underway, Sawmill District seeks zoning change for more uses. From the link:

With approval from the planning board in place, the Missoula City Council is set to consider a zoning amendment for the Old Sawmill District that would allow for a wider range of uses in one portion of the subdivision.

New portions of the district are under construction, and architects have said they’ve had challenges meeting the limited definition of uses allowed on the ground floor.

Removing those restrictions would allow for a wider range of options, both in use and design, and enable the development to shift with changes and trends in the economic market.

At this stage of development, with the steel bones of ATG/Cognizant’s tech campus going up, what kind of uses are being denied to this project due to zoning? You would think this article could answer that question, but no. Nowhere in this article is anything substantive actually written about the what this zoning change would actually produce.

Instead, we get shit like this from city planner Emily Gluckin:

“The proposed expansion of the allowed uses will continue to reflect the goals for mixed-use development in the Old Sawmill District,” said city planner Emily Gluckin. “They’ll continue to contribute to the economic vitality of the area while continuing to promote a pedestrian-oriented pattern of development.”

I kept reading this article, hoping to actually learn something about WHY this zoning change is needed, but I kept getting talk AROUND the specifics instead of ACTUAL specifics.

Crews broke grown north of Wyoming Street for the first time earlier this year and are constructing portions of what’s intended be a new tech campus. The facility will be occupied by Cognizant-ATG once finished, and additional buildings are planned as part of the tech campus.

Under current zoning restrictions, however, that area of the development only allows some commercial activity on the ground floor and residential uses above. The ground-floor uses are limited, and developers with the Millsite Revitalization Project are seeking changes to allow for more ground-floor opportunities.

Yes, MORE ground-floor opportunities. Like what? Instead of describing what additional opportunities are being denied these developers for ATG/Cognizant, which this zoning change would address, Gluckin tells the public this:

Gluckin said the request adheres to a number of city plans.

“The rezone request complies with the economic health, housing, community design and mixed-use goals of the growth policy, as well as the Downtown Master Plan,” she said. “It will address changing conditions by allowing the existence of non-residential uses that can be supported by current market conditions and fluctuations in market conditions, thereby preventing vacancies.”

The City Council will give the request final consideration next week.

And that’s how this article ends, with City Council prepared to vote next week on this zoning change after Martin Kidston writes up shit articles like this one to help HIDE the specifics in order to PROTECT the political establishment in this town because they DEFINITELY KNOW their development schemes are NOT POPULAR with the people in Missoula who don’t have passive income and other financial supports to rely on as housing costs continue to skyrocket.

I think Martin Kidston has been servicing Democrat politicians for too long. In a 2012 article from the Billings Gazette about Dems paying for attack ads, Martin Kidston is quoted as the MONTANA DEMOCRATIC PARTY SPOKESMAN. It’s a great quote about kinks in pipes (emphasis mine):

The Alumni Association’s treasurer, former Democratic Rep. David Gallik, said he didn’t know who VEGpac’s members were and hadn’t seen its advertising. However, the two groups share the same political philosophy and support candidates who do also. Gallik said the Democratic Legislators Alumni Association began donating to VEGpac after being put in touch with the group by the Democratic Party.

Democrats were frank about the funding connection.

“You’re right, there’s not too many kinks in that pipe,” said Martin Kidston, Montana Democratic Party spokesperson.

And that’s how you write an article with little to no quality information in it.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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6 Responses to How To Write An Article With Little To No Quality Information In It

  1. TC says:

    Like you, I re-read that article at least twice. I kept looking for the Paul Harvey moment…”and now the rest of the story”. It just wasnt there. Nothing suggesting what prompted the zoning change, nothing suggesting why the zoning change was needed, and nothing suggesting what the zoning change will produce.
    The only conclusion, is as you stated, is that there has to be public record of the zoning change but knowledge that it will not be well received by the Average Missoulian.
    So I guess we will get screwed by further gentrification yet again but wont get to know what that looks like until after the fact/too late.
    Thanks Gomer

  2. John Wolverton says:

    THIS is a good bit of coverage reflecting on a failing pattern in Kidston’s writing at the Current! And kudos for unearthing solid evidence on that Dem connection.

  3. John Ulrigg says:

    This is cronyism Ed weatherby he’s the director of the eb-5 program for the entire Northwest United States did he help people get eb-5 funding and is he helps himself to 22 million in Chinese money

    All the while not allowing or denying other people the same advantage he used to make himself a very wealthy landowner

    The same man that works at the economic development partnership

    Directly did not even consider asking or helping me get an EB funding program

    Two huge as conflict of interest but he’s the only one he funded in Missoula

    Ex-wife Leslie is the realtor of record on everything that sells

    Most people would say it he’s done well for himself since he’s tonight other people the same success to the program that he runs and used to create his own success

    That’s a multibillion-dollar scan the only other project he approved was a mine and it went belly-up so the Chinese never got their money back the other Montana thing was Polly square all that around Hogan Park is the owner of record cuz he put together the funding package using the eb-5 program well he directly denied me by just never acknowledged me as a developer or a person who could use the eb-5 program

    And that’s why is the problem with locals if they don’t like you Elliott you nothing and you like it

    He’s not real big to brag or boast about his accomplishments because he knows how subjective it is

    If you’ll notice the development of the fox triangle has gone underway permits were issued for destruction of the buildings without any mention of the LLC that’s doing this project for any connection to who is getting the benefit of the destruction

    But I have an interesting connection

    So the man that on Taco John’s owned Marshall mountain

    Now remember where his business in the riverfront triangle is closed could it be that they struck some kind of behind closed door deal with an A in that used to own Marshall mountain so that him making it happen the way it was done through an LLC was rewarded with the ability to develop the property at the riverfront triangle just like you tried to drag checotah into 16 mil in his pocket

    I had a democratic committee rep come after me she used her connection to John Young and Heather 3-minute public comment podium she went 11 minutes of libel slander and defamation if it’s the end of it marrying and said get ahold of me tomorrow we’ll do something about this you want to talk about something being done oh yeah this is happened

    Multi millions of dollars couldn’t cover the conspiracy in the damages that their conspiracy caused me and my life for the last 20 years

    I’m the one person that can tell you without certainty there’s no accountability in government or law enforcement in this time their officers are disciplined and confidentiality is secret in public meetings for the public is asked to leave

    Cuz God knows when I get home it’s misbehaving the last thing I want is accountability

    Ed weatherby makes a nice living bringing foreign money here not just the Chinese buddy picks up the phone until he bedrock sandals come up here and sell your shoes where you don’t have to pay sales tax

    Here for rich business runners that absolutely fit the demographic of Missoula citizens but hahaha

    They don’t go into details because then people can dig up dirt bring the kids to there’s a major blocker have anything against the Democrats or John Young and in his regime cuz they both worked at The Missoulian same with anybody that has them a zillion pedigree when they were speak against the bear or allow you to speak against the mayor

    When is democratic committee rap was arrested first for head bashing me taking her little teacup dog on us because we were child sex traffickers

    She got arrested about two months later sitting in the middle of the street November 8th up mumu smoking pot saying someone had stolen her gun

    She was charged with assault on an officer for the most serious crimes you can be charged with and it was dropped just like my case was she assaulted us it was dropped so then she got extra powers and leveled up when Mary get invited to speak at the pedestal

    This was planned at a Democratic fundraiser a week before she spoke July of 2017

    Let me tell you what the mirror he knows what he’s doing he has that marilu henner memory so that makes him the perfect liar

    If you stood everything legitimate honestly to buy board he’s not making people angry by his actions why would he need a gangster escape hole out of his mayor’s office into the lock City attorney quarters

    He’s a narcissistic sideshow freak

    Thinks no one will catch on to what he’s doing to increase his wealth the girlfriend list the childless the compassionateless the empathyless


    Monopoly banker with his hands in the bank stuff in it in his pockets

  4. John Ulrigg says:

    Leslie weatherby is not his ex-wife

    This is all part of one I start to squawk about what was being done secretively for his circle and arcs that’s when the level of harassment of my life and breaking in my person started

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