Week In Review: October 16-20

by Travis Mateer

I found this hilarious image, which makes meth look like crystals of Amethyst, because a recent article about a man recently sentenced for meth trafficking in Missoula included something I hadn’t thought of until seeing this (emphasis mine):

A Missoula man admitted to trafficking methamphetamine and fentanyl in after a traffic stop where officers found drugs, a firearm and cash.

Eric Anthony Navarro was sentenced to six years and six months in prison followed by five years supervised release. Allegedly in court documents Navarro imported meth and fentanyl in Montana to be sold in Missoula using short term property rentals.

Hopefully Mr. Navarro wasn’t actually SMOKING the meth in those short-term rentals, because that could be VERY bad for future tenants, or the owners, since most insurance doesn’t cover meth damage.

You own a rental property, and your renters seem to be stellar people. But upon vacating their house, you discover that they have been cooking methamphetamine (meth) in your pristine place. The meth leaves a residue on surfaces and is difficult to clean. You may need to remove sheetrock, flooring, the ceiling, curtains, appliances, and any other porous material. These are now hazardous materials so you can’t just throw them away. Appropriate disposal is more expensive. You will likely need to hire a mitigation company. The costs are adding up, so you decide to file an insurance claim but alas, the claim is denied! Why? Smoking meth is an illegal activity and illegal activities are not typically covered by insurance. You are now out hundreds of thousands of dollars. You did dodge a bullet as cooking meth is a fire hazard and could cause a total loss of your home from a fire. A lot of people do not realize that meth contamination is not covered by most insurance companies. This is a scenario that plays out all over the country.

The main news this week regarding short-term rentals had nothing to do with meth. No, instead, it’s a little housing crisis we’re currently experience in Missoula, so that’s why Daniel Carlino is making banning short-term rentals in residential areas an issue:

In his proposal, council member Daniel Carlino looks to change several portions of city code, particularly in residential areas. Certain businesses, such as some commercial, civic, storage and vacation rentals are currently permitted in such areas, though he wants the later removed as a permitted use.

Existing vacation rentals would be grandfathered in, he said.

“I’m proposing we eliminate tourist homes from a permitted use in residential districts,” Carlino said. “I’m asking us to no longer allow them to be permitted in residential zones. We’re seeing a housing shortage in supply.”

While housing might be in short supply, it certainly doesn’t appear that METH is in short supply, even though one of my favorite tweakers is back in jail. Don’t worry, Mr. Spence isn’t using any short-term rentals for HIS illicit drug activity.

This is the individual I’ve been tracking for over a year now, so before the week’s links, I’m going to provide the Todd Spence sub-section of this blog:

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If you find the saga of Todd Spence and his odd movement through the criminal justice system here in Missoula to be confounding, you are not alone!

Now, here are the links for THIS week’s content.

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