Saving The Homeless Sex Offender From The Clark Fork River

by Travis Mateer

The 48 year old sex offender who assaulted two Department of Transportation staff last September during a homeless camp clean up is back in the news, though not named by this NBC Montana report. Apparently this violent POS “fell asleep” while the river was coming up, requiring a river rescue.

For a better idea of who we are talking about, here’s some online info about Todd Spence worth considering:

So, this NON-COMPLIANT sex offender, with a recent history of violence, took up valuable first responder time yesterday because, I’m assuming, he was too fucked up on drugs to notice the river coming up around his tent. This is the area where I called 911 for a welfare check because one of the campers couldn’t pull his pants up, also the result of drug use.

Here’s a question I still can’t adequately answer: why is Missoula incapable of holding this violent sex offender accountable for his behavior? Is the liberal, victim-splaining political climate so powerful and pervasive that our Sheriff’s Office and County Attorney’s Office can’t figure out how to properly investigate and charge this piece of shit?

Todd Spence’s violent behavior has gone unchecked for so long that the Montana Department of Transportation (MDOT) has to pay private security to mitigate the risk to their Missoula staff. Let me say that again. A state agency is paying Rogers International PUBLIC money so that this PRIVATE security company can place a guard at the door of their Missoula offices. I confirmed yesterday that this action has been taken primarily because of Todd Spence’s continued harassment of MDOT staff.

Yesterday I attended the Public Safety Committee with a clear plastic bag containing some of the remaining trash from Todd’s East Broadway meth shack that didn’t get removed in my epic meth shack clean up that cost me $1,200 dollars–a price tag YOU can help me cover by supporting Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF)!

I wanted to inspire our local leaders by showing them that they are NOT as helpless as they claim. I also wanted to show Stacie Anderson how much I’ve grown since getting shut down by her on February 6th when this Zooey-Zephyr-supporting Democrat point-of-ordered me for suggesting the Sheriff’s Office euthanized a black man by the name of Sean Stevenson after he was assaulted inside the Poverello Center on January 3rd, 2020.

Later today I’ll have a bonus post with a video featuring my comment from that February City Council meeting juxtaposed with Stacie Anderson’s support for a national movement disrupting the democratic process in Helena. Hypocrite? Damn right she is.

If you appreciate the work I’m doing, today is a day of giving, so please consider supporting the work I’m doing. In addition to my impact fund, you can also make a donation at my about page.

Thanks for reading!

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. John Kevin Hunt says:

    You’re right to illuminate Stacie Anderson’s hypocrisy.

    Zephyr was justified in her “blood on their hands” remark. Those who protested, and who tossed a replica of a bloody glove from the gallery protesting Zephyr’s banishment from the House floor, were likewise justified, but *they must cheerfully accept any legal consequences (which apparently aren’t forthcoming) for that act of civil disobedience.* That aspect of their — and many gen-Z & millenials’ — rejection of that fundamental tenet of civil disobedience (accepting punishment for their acts of civil disobedience) — is troubling to me.

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