The Mindless Vagina Vote

by Travis Mateer

The stencil pictured above carries a simple message: if you have a vagina, you get the vote. While that’s the obvious message, it might be worth asking, are there any OTHER messages implied by this message? Perhaps one having to do with consent?

If the person painting the stencil didn’t have consent to spray paint the stencil on the door, then that’s a crime called vandalism. I guess whoever did this isn’t worried about consent when it comes to objects owned by other people, and I think that’s funny. Don’t you think that’s funny, ladies?

When you simply VOTE WOMN without applying something called “critical thought” to what the brain connected to the genitalia might be up to, you get critical positions within the criminal justice system filled by a woman like this one:

Now, I’ve been blessed to see the behind-the-scenes making of a WOMN politician here in Missoula, and you might be shocked to hear this, but even the most WOMAN of women politicians don’t always VOTE WOMN when given the chance.

In 2013 a woman by the name of Peggy Cain ran for Mayor. Did the above vagina-packing politician give this fellow woman any love in the form of political donations? Or did she support the white man in the race?

See? Clearly, the beer-pounding Boise transplant supported our alcoholic Mayor while he was still alive, but now he’s dead, and this year’s Mayoral race it will be MUCH easier to go pussy over dick for a professional exploiter like Ellie.

2017 was another year that a woman could have received a VOTE WOMN vote for Mayor in Missoula, but Lisa Triepke was dragged through the mud when her divorce and temporary use of public assistance was leaked, then splashed all over local media. Did the political ladies of Missoula come to their fellow woman’s aid? No, they did not, and years later, when I spoke to her on the phone for an interview, Lisa Triepke was STILL traumatized by what she and her family went through because she had the temerity to challenge our “Mayor for life”.

Now, here is where I am REALLY going to piss some people off, but I’ll do it in the form of a question: when ambitious, professional woman have KIDS, can they really have it all by successfully raising children and maintaining a professional edge in a highly competitive arena, like the law?

Since correlation is NOT causation, it would be a logical fallacy to conclude that Pabst’s professional ambition had anything to do with the personal tragedy this article details, but something of note did catch my attention in this article, and that’s what young Sam was applying to do before he tragically died (emphasis mine):

Sam LaCroix was a curious 12-year-old boy who loved science, ballet, theater and the arts, but his life was cut short because of a dangerous game of asphyxiation that appears to be gaining popularity among schoolchildren.

The Missoula sixth-grader loved adventure. Though smaller than most children his age, Sam made up for it in guts. He had applied to be on “Kid Nation,” a reality TV series starring children trying to create their own society.

I wouldn’t be bringing this up if I didn’t think it mattered, and since the position of County Attorney matters A LOT when it comes to WHO gets prosecuted, and who does NOT get prosecuted in our community, the JUDGEMENT of the person who fills this position is critical, and allowing your 12 year old kid to potentially be exploited, for money, by a reality television show is a BIG red flag for me.

This “reality tv” angle is significant because the enforcement side of our County criminal justice system, the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office, ALSO became enamored with seeing themselves on camera by participating in the show Live PD, when maybe they should have been taking more Crisis Intervention Classes in order to better NOT shoot and kill suicidal dudes at gas stations.

And let’s not forget our western neighbors in Mineral County–their Sheriff actually got a direct taste of Hollywood before returning to Montana to ACT as Sheriff.

After high school he even dabbled with Tinsel Town. 

“I worked on the movie set of Far and Away. Thomas Gibson, who played the villain, came into a clothing store I worked at and we had a friendly visit as he purchased cowboy boots. Three days later someone came into the store and said, ‘Whose Mike’? And they pointed me out. ‘Would you like a job on the set? Mr. Gibson said to hire you.’ It was a blast as I got to meet Tom Cruise and Ron Howard and the experience was very exciting. That was the only career that kind of distracted me from my pursuit of a career in law enforcement thinking that this would be fun to do for a living, but it wasn’t the driving force that law enforcement was.”

With society in slow-motion collapse, and the country being “led” by a perv Prez and hyena Veep, I guess our local Dick and Janes aren’t so bad.

How’s that for silver lining?

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