On Educating A Smart Person From Iran About The Psychopath Class

by Travis Mateer

The smart person who needed to be educated about the psychopath class is visible at the lower, left hand corner of the above image, and his name is Mehrdad Kia. I’ve been covering this Iranian-born regime-change cheerleader for many years, but this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to give him a piece of my mind directly. It was reminiscent of my recent birthday gift with Matt Gibson, the destroyer of Missoula’s alt-weekly publication.

I’m amazed that more smart people don’t understand that the psychopath class is a real problem, and that they inhabit all sorts of institutions, and come in all sorts of colors, nationalities, and genders. Even the 500 new ones made up from scratch.

I explained to these stupid smart people that when you understand the psychopath class, you can understand things like “intelligence failures”. The “surprise” attack by Hamas? Intelligence failure. The “surprise” attacks on 9/11? Intelligence failure. The “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor? Intelligence failure.

Things are only surprising when you lack context, so providing my perspective on the existence of a psychopath class was given in the spirit of providing that critical context it seemed everyone was sorely missing.

Here’s a picture of me at the microphone getting real with Mehrdad and the audience of mostly white women in their 60’s:

Just kidding, that’s Jake Gyllenhaal from the movie Donnie Darko telling the motivational speaker he’s full of shit. I must be getting confused, or full of myself, or BOTH. I mean, how dare I presume to tell an Iranian born regime-change cheerleader that his desire for women to not have men in turbans controlling them (yes, he really said that) is anything less than a passionate desire for FREEDOM for his homeland.

Well, I confirmed what Kia only mockingly hinted at when he complained about being attacked by BOTH Democrats and Republicans in America: this is NOT a free country with a “free” press and a functioning, representative Democracy. If it was, we wouldn’t have Kirsten Pabst as a County Attorney, and ME as the most honest journalist in Zoom Town.

To bolster his assertion about women in Iran and what they want for themselves, Kia used a picture of Time magazine. Maybe Mehrdad secretly wants to be a stand-up comedian, like I do.

Since the audience of mostly older white women didn’t expect to be seeing a stand-up comedian, they didn’t appreciate how fucking hilarious I am. One even yelled for me to leave, but I was already leaving, so HA!

In conclusion, I had a more stimulating time waiting for my sandwich, spending 5 minutes talking to a straggly looking Missoula dude who already knew plenty about the psychopath class without me having to tell him a thing, but I did enjoy seeing the 9-11 in reverse on the plane that Mr. Wimp-Ass, Joe Biden, used to make that awful retreat from Afghanistan, which made people like Mehrdad Kia sad because a STRONG America means a better chance of taking out those turban-headed assholes keeping Iranian women from enjoying BIG D of Democracy, like we have here in AMERICA!

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