Meet The Propaganda Peddling UM Professor From Iran I Had Pegged 13 Years Ago

by Travis Mateer

Because Americans are at their collective stupidest when it comes to geopolitics, propaganda spreaders, like UM professor Mehrdad Kia, can easily influence scores of people when he appears on KGVO to make claims of Russian atrocities in Ukraine:

On a special edition of KGVO’s Talk Back show called ‘Global Hot Spots’, University of Montana Professor Mehrdad Kia described what Ukrainian forces uncovered after regaining ground in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital city.

“As Ukrainian forces are moving in, they are realizing what had happened during the Russian occupation of these towns,” said Kia. “And of course they are now discovering a large number of bodies, in which most of the bodies had their hands tied behind their backs, and they have all been murdered. Some women have been raped.”

So what should happen, Mehrdad?

Kia said the discovery of such atrocities requires a powerful worldwide response.

“I think there will be some discussion in terms of how you define this mass murder,” he said. “Some have used the word genocide, but whatever you call it, it is a heinous crime committed by Putin and his army and his intelligence forces. Clearly, this requires a major response.”

Mehrdad Kia REALLY likes telling people in his adopted country how its elected leaders should behave on the global stage. That’s what this intellectual warmonger was doing 13 years ago when the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center allowed itself and the Waterwork Hill peace sign to be exploited by this democracy-loving Iranian American.

Here’s the comment I made as “lizard” on July 6th, 2009:

Yep, I stopped buying the bullshit A LONG TIME AGO after believing the Obama con in 2008 and committing my last vote as a youthfully naive Democrat for that bomb-dropping motherfucker.

I selected this mash-up image (making Obama’s smiling face go BOO over Vietnam) because a Democracy-loving editorial at John Talbot’s CIA-Missoulian recently invoked the phrase DESTROYING THE VILLAGE TO SAVE IT from the Vietnam era.

Why, you might be asking? Because of the local voting controversy this newspaper’s editorial team (and other local media) are trying desperately to put to bed.

Here’s how the Missoulian op-ed opens:

During the Battle of Ben Tre in the Vietnam War, an American Army major made the observation “it became necessary to destroy the town to save it.”

It gets even better in the second paragraph, where our editorial team literally mocks those involved in questioning the election results as LARPers.

The live-action role players of the “Stop the Steal” movement might spend some time studying both historical and current war reports to gauge the impact of their attacks on the American election system. Last week, a group of local Republican Party members spent $5,000 and two days of their lives trying to restore faith in the Missoula County Elections Office.

No where in this trash editorial is the AMAZING DISCOVERY of TWO boxes of mail-in votes referenced. That’s right, two whole boxes of votes got added, somehow, to this Vondene Kopetski-funded recount effort. Where did these boxes come from? Is there chain-of-custody documentation for these two boxes?

Fuck those questions because Brad Tschida, a State Rep., probably worships Trump and Putin at his secret strongman altar, with candles that smell like gunpowder and pictures of shirtless Putin riding a bear.

That is the kind of imagery I imagine is haunting the fever-dreams of the Missoulian editorial staff as they conclude their propaganda Vietnam/voter mash-up “editorial” with this:

Tschida did find time to clap back at former Republican Gov. Marc Racicot, who editorialized that Montanans expect leaders to speak their minds, stick to the facts and remember that “drivel and deceit are quickly set aside as a waste of precious time.” Tschida preferred former President Donald Trump, declaring “As retired military, I have only one requirement: A leader is someone I would follow into hell, because I know he or she would find us a way out. Trump is that person.”

Racicot’s letter was prompted by Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and Trump’s strategic military advice to paint Chinese flags on NATO jets and “bomb the s*** out of Russia.”

That’s the kind of leadership that has got thousands of ill-prepared Russian conscript troops killed in Putin’s attempt to steal Ukrainian democratic independence. That’s the leadership that triggered January 6th rioters to attack their own police officers and sack their own United States Capitol to steal a constitutional change of administration.

That’s destroying a village in order to save it.

Yes, THAT is how the John Talbot CIA-Missoulian responds to a local effort to ensure our votes are counted by competent, non-partisan people.

People like his son, Pete Talbot.

Pete Talbot, left, holding some votes for inspection

You can’t make this shit up. Thanks for reading!

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