Week In Review: June 26-30

by Travis Mateer

The week began with a post on sex WORK, then concludes with two posts about a rocket scientist who practiced sex MAGICK. Interesting.

One line in the show that stood out to me, delivered by Aleister Crowley, is about the supposed REAL nature of World War 2. While attempting to give Jack an ego boost, Crowley refers to the war as a “blood ritual” that will bring about his new aeon, the AEON OF HORUS. Interesting.

Last weekend, on our modern war front, an alleged “mutiny” attempt by an entity known as the Wagner Group shocked the commentariat who pay attention to such things. Was there an actual threat to the Kremlin, or was Putin somehow playing 5-D chess?

Before dedicating myself to hyper-localism, I wrote plenty about geopolitics at 4&20 Blackbirds. For example, this post from 2014 is titled 75 Years Later, Could Ukraine Be WWIII’s Poland? and is pretty prescient, if I do say so myself.

For some perspective that isn’t nearly a decade old, I highly recommend listening to James Corbett’s interview with Rolo Slavisky, which you can see below. It’s well worth your time.

I think keeping up on all the content I produce is ALSO worth your time, or I wouldn’t be doing it, so here’s the list of the week’s action, which is longer than usual, so dig in!

When The Wheel Comes Off And The Chinese Masseuse Doesn’t Speak English (June 26th, 2023)

Are Sexual Deviants Helping Mountain Line Get A New Home For Public Buses? (June 27th, 2023)

Trends: A Dying Hip Strip And Regional Violence Against People Perceived To Be Homeless (June 28th, 2023)

Continuing My Public Comment Campaign On A Busy Wednesday Full Of Committees Before July 4th (June 29th, 2023)

Joey Thompson’s Death Certificate Information Has Been Released, Now What? (June 29th, 2023)

Why I’m Supporting The Temporary Measure of Homeless “Urban Camping” Whack-A-Mole In Public Parks (June 29th, 2023)

You Material Lovers Of Science Don’t Want To Know What I Think Is Happening (June 30th, 2023)

Six Degrees Of Jeffrey Epstein, Missoula Edition, Featuring Submarines, Stickers, And A Crazy Occultist Who Dreamed Of Making A Moon Shot! (June 30th, 2023)

Would a Lego figure be sitting in a Lego rocket without Jack Parsons? Probably, since this “scientific” evolution was baked into the cake of our culture years before Parsons started reading Science Fiction mags. But still, the timing of this narrative popping up right now for me–while strange war developments can suddenly turn a weekend into a WWIII fear-fest–is very significant, and not just because it’s almost the 4th of July.

The excerpt I decided to read for this week’s review is from the book Strange Angel, and it’s absolutely fascinating, considering the Friday posts. If you appreciate my perspective, Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF) is one way to support my work, while making a donation at my about page is another.

Thanks for listening/reading!

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