You Materialist Lovers Of Science Don’t Want To Know What I Think Is Happening

by Travis Mateer

I’d like to thank a regular commentator for expressing genuine befuddlement at my opinions on climate change and other areas where I deviate from his progressive orthodoxy. Here is the comment from J. Kevin Hunt that inspired today’s post:

This post is NOT one of my usual hyper-local posts–a strategy I’ve developed to keep myself from getting caught up in national/global narrative entanglements–and I’m writing it because I believe our little mountain town in Montana is a microcosm of much larger things happening. How else can I explain running into the alleged homeless grandson of Norris Bradbury, or realizing the most dangerous woman in Montana once worked as a student librarian for Dr. Hynek?

Mr. Hunt is a lawyer by profession, so solid arguments backed by facts that can win court cases is his jam. I am a writer with a keen interest in identifying how my artistic sensibilities have been sculpted by my culture, and in that pursuit I have done some serious deep-diving into the arena of the occult, especially a certain occultist who was ALSO a scientist and one of the original founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where one our own City Council members in Missoula once worked.

Occult books, like the one pictured above, are nearly impossible to find, and when you do find a copy online, they aren’t cheap. But books are where some very important seeds were first planted many decades ago, and those seeds are now bearing strange fruit. And it’s only going to get stranger.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, episode 514 on Crow777 Radio does a fantastic job of looking at, then breaking down, the origins of “Science Fiction”. After listening to that episode, I suggest watching the series Strange Angel, which is based on the book about the life of the occultist/scientist seen above, John Whiteside Parsons–or, as he was known to his friends and fellow occultists, Jack.

Another VERY important figure connected to Jack Parsons is more well-known, considering his early foray into Science Fiction ended up turning into an actual religion. But did you know this important figure grew up in Helena, Montana?

For those who don’t know about the relationship between Hubbard and Parsons, here’s the gist: together, with a shared love interest named Marjorie, they participated in a months-long ritual called the Babylon Working in Southern California, based on some fucked up magick their predecessor, Aleister Crowley, had tried enacting, with some alleged success, in 1918.

The lore that has grown around this event posits a doorway to another world was actually ripped open by these fucking idiots, and when Jack Parsons blew himself up not long after, the ability to CLOSE this doorway died with him.

A metaphysical signpost I use in my own inquiries was first named by Carl Jung as synchronicity. Here’s a recent example of synchronicity I experienced over the weekend to give you an idea of what I glean from such things.

In the show about Jack Parsons, a scientist working on the jet-fuel-problem says what’s needed is something that can be both a liquid AND a solid substance. The non-visionaries who don’t engage in Crowleyian sex magick are stumped, but NOT JACK! Nope, according to the show’s interpretation of the book, Jack has a beast-inspired vision while his shop is burning down of a substance that can act as both. And the substance? Asphalt.

Now, here’s a copy of the Missoulian’s Sunday edition. The synchronicity is pretty obvious:

I take a few things from this synchronicity. The first is the train derailment aspect of the asphalt story, which brings to mind the Ohio train derailment and all the absolutely bizarre synchronicities around the book/movie White Noise. Then there’s the image of Zooey Zephyr, Montana’s now FAMOUS trans-actist and State Representative.

For me, the correlation is with a subject I find disturbing, and that’s the idea of Transhumanism–a subject Zephyr is supposedly interested in. Who else is interested in Transhumanism? Oh, you know, just people with BILLIONS of dollars and a deeply deranged fear of death.

Which brings me to an early work of “fiction” by L. Ron Hubbard, titled Death’s Deputy, and how it relates to a miracle experienced by Sean Stevenson’s father, Dr. Kenneth Stevenson. Are you ready?

As I was getting to know the family of the man murdered in Missoula under mysterious circumstances, I was told about a defining moment in the life of Dr. Kenneth Stevenson in the skies over Vietnam. This highly accomplished fighter pilot, who graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs (where I lived for 9 months), was a goner and he knew it. The enemy missile was locked-on, and with the few remaining seconds of his young life counting down, Ken Stevenson prayed.

The missile hit, but didn’t detonate, and a man of faith was born during those moments in the skies over Vietnam, while the military conveniently lost the footage of what they couldn’t conventionally explain.

Now, here’s the plot of L. Ron Hubbard’s book (emphasis mine):

For more context on Dr. Kenneth Stevenson and how synchronicity functions in my research, this post about the movie Southland Tales is worth checking out. I also recommend my post Welcome To The Weird Northwest.

I’ll leave it there, for now, but later today I’ll have ANOTHER post, titled Six Degrees Of Jeffrey Epstein, Missoula Edition, Featuring Submarines, Stickers, And A Crazy Occultist Who Dreamed Of Making A Moon Shot!, so stay tuned! I’ll also note that the just-announced candidate for the Senate, Tim Sheehy, is a Navy boy, like Hubbard, and the CEO of Bridger Aerospace. Interesting.

If you appreciate my unconventional research methods, Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF) is one way to support my work, while making a donation at my about page is another.

Thanks for reading!

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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7 Responses to You Materialist Lovers Of Science Don’t Want To Know What I Think Is Happening

  1. All very interesting, extremely so. I look forward to more. But you did not delve into climate change, so I hope more follows. At the heart of it is this: Reliance on experts, in the case of climate, supposed scientists. All one needs to know to grow in skepticism is that they, like all of us, can be paid to lie.

    I won’t get into it, as I have done so much on my blog, and in addition have read and studied and thought for myself on these matters. Most people are just a reflection of news, and while news talking heads are not deliberately lying, they are generally too dense and pretty to know they are repeating lies. Those who are not dense are lying. The planet is fine, there is no emergency, and I reaffirm this for myself every time I get into my (gasoline-powered) truck, roll down the window, and stick my head out. Nothing has changed in all my decades of life, though there is tremendous variability.

    You do good work, and thank you. Travis.

    • Thanks Mark, are you familiar with Rudolf Steiner? I’m not going to hit the climate change topic in the second post, but I do think you’ll appreciate it nonetheless. The reason I won’t spend time on the CC thing is because the cost/benefit doesn’t pencil out for a hyper-localist like me anticipating major disruptions coming, which will make local knowledge and networks critical.

      • That makes sense, re climate. No, I am not familiar with Steiner.

        • John Kevin Hunt says:

          Yep. You get it, Mark, you are sooo right. Thousands of scientists all over the planet have all BEEN PAID to LIE about the earth warming, and all the sequelae we are now experiencing.By whom? And how did they get all of those names? Well that’s effing OBVIOUS! The modern PSYCHOPATH CLASS has mastered running the BIG TAPE backwards for SELECTED people who, I’m relling you, are NOT afflicted by IDEAS OF REFERENCE! In assessing credibility, we should ALWAYS be HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS of anyone who EVALUATES EVIDENCE! To find TRUTH, we must delve into the OCCULT. And please REMEMBER, when ‘synchronicity’ becomes obsessional, that does NOT make it DELUSIONAL! Sure, there will be QUITE NATURAL climate change over the next several milennia, and what the PSYCHOPATH CLASS has done, is to RUN THE TIME TAPE BACKWARDS, so that those natural climate changes, the Sixth Great Extinction, etc. APPEAR to be happening NOW right before our eyes, but…heh, heh…it’s not!

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  4. John Kevin Hunt says:

    My reply to Mark says it.

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