Welcome To The Weird Northwest

by Travis Mateer

On June 24th, 1947, Kenneth Arnold was flying from Chehalis, Washington to Yakima, Washington when a curious detour to locate a downed military plane led to the first sighting of unidentified aerial phenomenon near Mt. Ranier.

Welcome to the weird Northwest.

Some occult researchers place this event in the broader context of what happened the previous year, south of Washinton State, down the jagged western coastline to the sunny geography of California, where a mad scientist who helped kickstart the US space program was getting weird with the visionary of Scientology and a ginger named Marjorie.

While some may scoff at the spiritual consequences of doing sex magik in the desert, the Babylon Workings was an earnest attempt by not-dumb magicians to invoke and birth an actual Antichrist. The involved ritual spanned three months, from January to March of 1946. 15 months later, Arnold was seeing nine unexplained lights in the sky.

I entered this northwestern terrain on September 19th, 1978, in Spokane, Washington. The Rivefront development that resulted from a brash scheme to get a World Fair in Spo-Kompton was just 4 years old. 12 years before that, Seattle had a World Fair and got the iconic Space Needle. And 12 years after Spokane’s world fair, Vancouver got one, resulting in the Expo Centre, repurposed after the event as Science World.

That’s a lot of World Fairs for one little region of America.

I moved to Missoula, Montana, during the summer of 2000. The valley where I live and where the rivers meet used to be the bottom of a glacial lake. The canyon where you enter this place, from the east, is called Hellgate.

When I pitch this place to podcasters and synchromystics I try to communicate my sense of what’s gathering here. There’s a Pritzker to the north, Fauci’s mentor to the south, and an intriguing power couple running the University with ties to telemedicine, information technology, and an impressive military/corporate pedigree for the figurative Ken Doll I like to call The Bod.

On the culture war front I wonder what David Lynch has done in the woods. I wonder what the screen images conceal and cryptic phrases like the owls are not what they seem. I research the history of the Wilma building and its Chapel of the Dove to better understand the forces I am up against, locally.

Because they are the same forces we are up against, globally.

I worked at a homeless shelter and came to understand dark processes, like how predators engage in grooming.

I worked at an aging services agency and took a call from a woman who claimed to suffer from hypnotic triggers implanted in her by a sadistic doctor in Kalispell during the 70’s. “Have you heard of MK Ultra?” she asked, tentatively. “Yes I have,” I replied. She gave me the name of the doctor, and his connection to Nixon, and it checked out.

So when a homeless man tells me he’s a TI (targeted individual) I believe him. And I’d like to talk to him again, but he’s dead. He was shot dead by Missoula County Sheriff Deputies on August 29th, 2021—Liz Fraziers birthday.

The synchronicities are accelerating and ripples emanate from from fellow Synchromystics, like Michael Wann and Christopher Knowles.

For example, CK mentioned the bizarre story of Kyle Odom, who shot his pastor six times on March 6th, 2016, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. This now-booming, deep-lake enclave is 2 ½ hours west of Missoula and a half hour east of Spokane. When CK mentioned this, I had a birthday trip planned, so I stopped in the town my Grandma used to have a modest lake house on, and checked out the church.

The slogan of Altar Church is “one soul at a time”, which is also the title of a biography about Billy Graham. Here’s a quote from Odom about what he perceived was happening at the time from a Spokesman-Review article after the sentencing.

Odom, who earned a biochemistry degree from the University of Idaho, served in the Marines with distinction, was honorably discharged and had no prior criminal history.

He said he was in meditation one day in 2014 when his life changed.

“When I got up the next day, it felt like I was dreaming and I could not wake up,” he said. “I feel the same way to this day.”

He said he met a strange man on an airplane who told him to purchase a disposable phone.

“I activated the phone and a little while later I was contacted by Pastor Tim Remington,” Odom said. “All my symptoms started immediately. I saw the pastor’s face as an alien face. I was convinced Pastor Tim was an alien. I just hope that Pastor Tim recovers as much as possible.”

Odom, who had served his country in Iraq and dreamed of becoming a pharmacist, offered Remington’s family an apology.

“Words cannot reverse what happened,” he said. “But I’m truly sorry.”

In the west, generally speaking, there are longer distances between townships. A jaunt from Missoula to Spokane and back again in one day is no thang.

The introduction to a book about Missoula’s serial killer, Wayne Nance, mentions rampant rumors about Satanism in a small Idaho town named Rathdrum. Nance, like Odom, was a military man, which I’m sure is probably not relevant.

A few months ago I took a day trip with my wife to Rathdrum and Spirit Lake. I told her we were researching rumors of Satanism. She assisted by looking up articles on her phone while I drove.

There was a couple who went missing and were found dead, but that was about the extent of the carnage. The most consistent rumor was a phenomenon described as a “human chain” of people holding hands across the desolate highway at night. This strange, alleged behavior by unnamed locals was supposedly to stop vehicles so the occupants could be captured and sacrificed to the dark lord.

The more I looked into things the more I found odd little insular communities with weird names like Tridentine that seemed to point to an appreciation of PRE-Vatican II Catholicism. Curious.

One can get carried away with questions of faith and numerical oddities that seem relevant, often times, only to the experiencer.

November 5th, 2021, for THIS TRAVIS meant 16 months without a drink of alcohol. Cool!

November 5th, 2021, for A VERY DIFFERENT Travis meant 8 dead honored by 8 flames activating the hell-portal in the side of the mountain where the inverted crucifix/stage can be seen from above entering it.

To see anything Satanic in any of this is crazy, says the five companies that owns all of corporate media.

Anyway, back to our weird Northwest and the last example I have for this brief introduction: the Malmstrom AFB Missile/UFO Incident, which occurred in March of 1967. From the link:

In central Montana, Thursday morning March 16 1967, Captain Eric Carlson and First Lieutenant. Walt Figel, the Echo-Flight Missile Combat Crew, were below ground in the E-Flight Launch Control Center (LCC) or capsule. The Echo Flight LCC was located between Winfred and Hilger, about fifteen miles north of Lewistown.

Missile maintenance crews and security teams were camped out at two of the Launch Facilities (LFs), having performed some work during the previous day and stayed there overnight. During the early morning hours, more than one report came in from the security patrols and maintenance crews that they had seen UFOs. A UFO was reported directly above one of the E-Flight (LF) or silos. It turned out that at least one security policeman was so affected by this encounter that he never again returned to missile security duty.

Around 8:30 a.m., Figel, the Deputy Crew Commander (DMCCC), was briefing the Carlson, the Crew Commander (MCCC), on the flight status when the alarm horn sounded. One of the Minuteman missiles they supervised had gone off alert (become inoperable) It was one of the two sites where maintenance crews had camped out on site. Upset, thinking that the maintenance personnel had failed to notify him as required by procedure when maintenance work is done on a missile, that the missile was going ‘off-alert’ status, Figel immediately called the missile site.

When Figel spoke with the on-site security guard, he reported that they had not yet performed any maintenance that morning. He also stated that a UFO had been hovering over the site. Figel recalls thinking the guard must have been drinking something. However, now other missiles started to go off alert in rapid succession! Within seconds, the entire flight of ten ICBMs was down! All of their missiles reported a “No-Go” condition. One by one across the board, each missile had became inoperable. When the checklist procedure had been completed for each missile site, it was discovered that each of the missiles had gone off alert status due to a Guidance and Control (G&C) System fault. Power had not been lost to the sites; the missiles simply were not operational because, for some unexplainable reason, each of their guidance and control systems had malfunctioned.

For the rest of the story, go to the link. It’s quite interesting. And weird.

Thanks for reading this introduction to my weird Northwest. There will be more to come, so stay tuned.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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