A Learning Moment For Councilman Carlino As Missoula’s Former Top Cop Plays The Victim Card While A Propagandist Publishes A Well-Timed Hit Piece

by Travis Mateer

I suppressed my initial reaction to this article by Missoula propagandist, Martin “Gomer” Kidston, because it was pointed out to me that this TERRIBLE incident featuring a MEAN email sent to a shitty police chief (who was brought to Missoula by Mayor Engen from California) happened in a committee meeting all the way back in 2021. From the link (emphasis mine):

When former Missoula Chief of Police Jaeson White was testifying before the City Council Committee on Health and Safety in 2021, his phone alerted him to an incoming email.

It wasn’t until that June 15 meeting was over did White realize who the message was from, and its subject line was rather disturbing.

“You are a toxic police chief who doesn’t care about our safety or improvement as a society,” the email read. The subject line added, “Can’t wait to see you fired.”

To emphasize how truly DISTURBING this must have been for Police Chief Jaeson White, here’s an image of what I imagine White looked like when he realized what was going on:

After clutching his figurative pearls, Jaeson White must have had a REAL hard time continuing with his duties after this withering attack from Councilman Carlino, since he quit his job earlier this year. Here’s more from the article:

The incident prompted White to file a formal complaint with the city, alleging that Carlino’s email was unprofessional and unethical, and was sent “in an effort to intimidate, threaten, harass and retaliate.”

It also prompted City Council to convene a panel to investigate White’s complaint. In doing so, the panel found that Carlino had violated Rule 5 of City Council Rules covering “conduct of City Council members.” It also found an administrative violation that prohibits the use of a city email to send harassing messages.

“The evidence substantiates that your behavior likely violates City of Missoula policies…,” the panel stated in its findings. “We offered you an opportunity for due process and you have chosen to respond in writing. You were invited to attend an in-person meeting and chose not to attend.”

It appears that Carlino’s momentary lack of professional discretion two years ago has led, thanks to Gomer, to this political gift for Missoula’s political establishment, an establishment led by a woman who violated MY first amendment rights in 2018.

I brought attention to my UNPROFESSIONAL treatment two years later, when Heather Harp was getting the boot from her leadership position on the finance committee. Here’s the comment I made:

My name is Travis Mateer and I’ve lived in Missoula for 20 years. I am here today as a private citizen to speak in support of Heather Harp and her effort to bring more transparency and public input regarding the use of public money through Tax Increment Financing.

I would hope all Council members see the benefit of bringing more transparency to the process of using public money to incentivize development in Missoula. Unfortunately my experience tells me otherwise.

In November of 2018 I wrote and submitted a poem to the Missoulian. The content referenced the sidewalk controversy that emerged after some Missoula property owners got letters from the City about how much they were going to owe for their share of replacing sidewalks. If you read it, the poem was quite critical of Missoula’s political leadership involved in that poorly thought out, economically distressing decision those homeowners faced.

The response I received from Gwen Jones to that poem was quite startling. She used her position as a board member at the non-profit where I currently work to take me away from my paid work duties so she could tell me “her side of the story”.

I won’t get into the details of what transpired out of respect for my current employer except to say I received a written apology from Gwen Jones and the board was informed how my 1st amendment right to free speech was very nearly violated.

Everyone has bad days now and then, but what I am starting to see with this particular public official is a pattern of disregard for the public, a public I might add who has every right to know about the processes and people directing public money, and a right to examine who ultimately benefits when millions and millions of public dollars are set to be directed to just one developer’s big drift.

Thank you for your time in considering my comment and my concern.

This hit piece targeting Carlino is part of a larger effort to control the budget conversation, which is about to heat up soon. Here’s another “article” from Gomer detailing how new rules are being crafted in order to muzzle criticism by limiting late amendments to the budget process.

From the link (emphasis mine):

With the budgeting season set to kick off, members of the Missoula City Council this week set the rules that will guide the process and time it with the state’s release of its latest tax valuations.

In doing so, the majority of council members sought to ensure individual amendments are in early this year to avoid any grandstanding at 3 a.m. in an effort to curry public favor, as was the case last year.

“This has come about to give some process, sideboards and predictability to our budgeting process,” said council member Stacie Anderson. “Every budget is important, but we’ll be discussing some tough issues and will have to make some tough budgeting decisions this year.”

Last year’s budgeting process proved to be a frustrating endeavor for both the public and members of council. Council member Daniel Carlino attempted to make several last-minute amendments on the final day of consideration, pushing the meeting to nearly 3 a.m.

If anything with our municipal processes needs fixing, it’s the absurd process that led our placeholder Mayor to be literally SELECTED IN A DARK ALLEY at 2am, but that’s not getting any attention right now because our pathetic Mayor needs all the propping up he can get as he declares a politically advantageous emergency for our community over the issue of “urban camping”.

There are issues where my beliefs and Carlino’s do not align at all–like when it comes to the supposed severity of the “climate change” problem and what we, as a society, should do about it–but regardless of ideological disagreements, the way Carlino has been treated by his peers and local media narrative controllers is NOT the kind treatment lovers of representative government should be in support of.

I stopped by one of the Missoula Current’s local media partners (KPAX) to see if I could talk to anyone about Martin’s malicious “reporting”. I was told I needed to schedule an appointment, so I started that process, then filmed this brief clip:

If you appreciate my local effort at challenging the narrative controllers hold on power, Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF) is waiting for your support, or you can make a donation at my about page.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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10 Responses to A Learning Moment For Councilman Carlino As Missoula’s Former Top Cop Plays The Victim Card While A Propagandist Publishes A Well-Timed Hit Piece

  1. TC says:

    Mr Carlino and I probably agree on very little but I feel its a matter of degrees. I feel like Mr Carlino and I could find some commonality over a beer. Carlino is the type of politico that should populate our Council, State House, Fed; someone with a unique value set, integrity and courage to fight for his vision (I have NO common ground with Zooey Zephyr but respect the hell out of her for all the same reasons).
    I imagine (knowing all the players only too well) that Carlino scares the hell out of the City Elite. Ol’ Jolly John sure was; just like they feared Jesse Ramos. With Jesse they could attack carte blanche because he was one of those “evil conservatives”. But with Danny there is a true progressive -young, vibrant, a renter, not beholden. He terrifies them because he can pull the curtain back (Oz) and show the Missoula “Liberal” hypocrisy.
    Love me some Daniel Carlino -never give up son! Fight the good fight; and oh man, the fights you pick are GOOD!

  2. Jay Putman says:

    Wondering if it would be worth going to the City Chat in Franklin Park this evening at 5 pm. Which of the city staff will be in attendance?

  3. John Kevin Hunt says:

    You really hit the nail on the head re the attempt to marginalize Daniel.

    Then you fall off the rails in the remark implying that the climate emergency is a hoax.
    You are so right on, so much of the time…until science is involved. Where does this rejection of science come from?

    Despite what your ‘anti-woke’ buddies tell you, the climate emergency is not a matter of ideological perspective. Island nations suffer the same devastation from sea level rise, regardkess of their ruling ideologies.

    • I think “science” might so agree with you that maybe what the planet needs is to vastly reduce the global population. Gee, wonder how that might be accomplished?

      I try to stay hyper-focused on local issues, Kevin, because you don’t want to know what I think about the anti-human forces at work in this world. But I do appreciate the fact we can disagree on big issues and still have constructive conversations.

    • Until science is involved? Then it becomes a matter of truth and belief, i.e. religion? Like with the Covid thing?

      “The purpose of science is to have rigorous debate about different hypotheses. I’ve never really experienced in my life where there was [sic] private telephone calls among scientists that had a decision on what position they would take collectively, and to see that position then published in a scientific journal like Lancet, to say that individuals that thought like myself, had a different scientific hypothesis, somehow had to be put down and viewed as conspirators, this is really antithetical to science.”

      — Dr. Robert Redfield, former CDC director

      Science is an ongoing questioning about what we know to be true. It is never absolute. It is always open and subject to different theories, hypotheses, and tests. What was scientific “truth” in the past has often been proven false and discarded. Like the Covid thing.

      Now, it is accurate to say that the climate is changing. It never has been constant. It is always warming up or cooling down. It rains or there is drought. It bakes and freezes. El Nino happens…or not. We can rely on this truth as we plan for the future and work to mitigate the negative side effects of it.

      However, just because there is “climate change” does not mean that humans are the reason the climate is changing. Just because some people PROVE that an increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (due to people driving gas-guzzling SUV’s and the farting of cows) causes global warming does not necessarily make it so. There are differing points of view on this as there will be in any scientific endeavor.

      I remember the 1970’s. Global cooling and an inevitably approaching Ice Age were the rage then. If we had only listened to the “science” and scattered a thick layer of coal dust all over Greenland and Antarctica to capture the sun’s warmth, we could have averted it. Funny. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      Oh, and there was Paul Ehrlich and The Population Bomb. It was certain that the population was rapidly growing beyond the capacity of the earth to sustain it, therefore, we needed to bring “scientific methods” to bear on the issue in order to get it under control. Wildly inaccurate, to say the least, but a lot of people, some of them very muckety-muck, important, and highly placed, bought into it.

      Climate emergency? Science? Well, maybe, but let’s not lose our head.

      Keep in mind one thing–in the saving of the world from human action, there is an incredible amount of money to be made. Just ask Al Gore or John Kerry who can be trusted to tell you the truth.

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