Teaching Skynet To Kill Humans In The Long War For Eurasia

by Travis Mateer

While geopolitics isn’t a topic I write much about at this LOCAL blog, every tax-paying American is implicated in the charade playing out in Ukraine, so today I’m going to spend a little time pondering the possibility that our HUMAN overlords are stupid and crazy enough to bring machine learning to the theater of war. Because why wouldn’t they?

Before we get to war let’s talk about school essays, or cover art for bands, or any other way AI seems to be seeping in to our culture. I heard one podcaster sheepishly explain why he uses AI to generate images to promote his content around the same time a local friend showed me his experiments using prompts to do the same thing. It’s new, it’s fun, and I think it’s extremely fucking dangerous.

The quality of images and deep-fake video content being created by AI will do, or maybe already HAS DONE, some seriously screwed up things to our culture. It could help perverts normalize child porn because HEY, NO VICTIMS!, or it could be used in targeted ways to get people to question their own reality. The ability to make oneself LOOK younger is also feeding all kinds of unhealthy psychological responses to the reality we humans still experience, which is the experience of time reducing our bodies to dust. This is a fancy way of saying WE ALL DIE, although I’m sure countless dollars and hours are being spent to stop the offensive process of dying, thus giving up all you accumulated material wealth here on earth.

To get there, the psychopaths who are terrified of death must MASTER death on the ground, because the control of physical resources is still a critical component in the technocratic delusions the master class has to control and extend life in any unnatural way their fucked up minds can imagine. Passively watching this unfold is akin to suicide.

One of the latest little distractions in the information war accompanying the Ukrainian war theater is the “accidental” image of a Zelensky double supposedly captured by Polish media. Whoops!

Assuming this is accidental is to ignore the reality that EVERYTHING happening online is being fed into massive efforts by nation states to bring powerful AI resources into greater effectiveness for the purposes of controlling humans, which means controlling ANYTHING we use to survive, like food and water.

In a post like this, this is the point I’m glad my focus remains on LOCAL issues because going down rabbits holes on clones and other weird interpretations is tantamount to becoming a casualty in the information war.

This doesn’t mean I ignore strange possibilities, it just means I try to keep ideas that could be weapons from figuratively detonating like a grenade in my own head.

Regardless of what benefits this war might be providing to psychopathic war planners, no one can argue that MORE American tax money is heading to Ukraine to cause mayhem.

President Biden on Monday announced the U.S. would be providing $500 million in additional military aid to Ukraine during a surprise visit to Kyiv, and he teased new sanctions to crack down on entities aiding Russia’s war efforts in the country.

Biden, appearing alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, touted the sizable commitment of military equipment the U.S. and its allies have already provided Ukraine in the year since Russian first invaded.

If you think a half billion dollars is making the sniffly President of Ukraine appreciative, think again.

If Americans grow tired of financing the war in Ukraine, that loss of funding might slow down the ground lessons for Skynet, but here in Montana a bipartisan group isn’t waiting around to fight killer robots. Nope, they’re trying to get some legislation passed to STOP THEM NOW before our skies are filled with lethally armed drones.

A bipartisan group of Montana lawmakers wants to be sure no one in the state can use robots affixed with guns, swords or other weapons to kill people under a bill that was heard Friday that would establish the “Killer Robot Attack Ban Act.”

House Bill 594, sponsored by Rep. Kelly Kortum, D-Bozeman, aims to bar people and businesses from building, possessing, using or selling any “lethal autonomous weapon system” (LAWS) in Montana. It would subject anyone who violates the prohibition to up to 20 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.

The measure defines a lethal autonomous weapon system as one that “utilizes technological means to attack targets without further intervention by a human operator.”

“This is one of those proactive things that we can do to ensure all of our futures and our children’s futures,” Kortum said. “… I believe we as Montanans, we as Americans, and we as human beings really need to get ahead of this and prevent a disaster 10, 20 years in the future.”

How timely! Thank you Facebook algorithm for giving me this article while writing this post, nothing ironic or creepy about that at all, considering the subject matter.

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Thanks for reading!

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