On The Relevance Of Reporting On Facial Expressions

by Travis Mateer

There are many difficulties involved when choosing to report on facial expressions. Before even getting to the social implications, a reporter should have a physiological foundation on which to base his/her/their reporting. To assist with this, here’s a screenshot:

After this foundation has been established, the next step is to assess your reporting target. Is it a woman you want to report on? Hmmm, that could be sexist, so probably not. What about a BIPOC person? Similar problem, so best to avoid reporting on THEIR facial expressions.

If locating a target for facial expression reporting is difficult, let me provide an example: a white man in an elected municipal position who makes the status quo angry would be a PERFECT target for facial expression reporting.

This kind of target is ideal because even his own ilk won’t come to his defense. Do we now have a name in mind for this kind of specialized reporting?

What kind of facial expression was our Clerk and Treasurer, Tyler Gernant, making when he made this comment? Probably something that fits into the broad category of what we call a “smile”.

If Tyler had lady parts, or a darker pigmentation of skin, I would probably have avoided showing this “smile” spread across his skin-covered skull. That’s just how responsible facial expression reporters roll.

I’m glad to see that Martin “Gomer” Kidston is ALSO being a responsible facial expression reporter with this article about how sad an owner of an apartment building got when his easement request to City Council resulted in a terrible maligning of his reputation. From the link:

The owner of a downtown apartment building who plans to redevelop the property by adding more units defended his reputation against claims made by one member of City Council in July and at least one public comment since.

Matt Sullivan, owner of MCMB Property Management, was also joined by several of his tenants who backed his reputation as a solid and responsive landlord who has been honest about his family’s plans to redevelop the property.

Yes, several tenants spoke on Sullivan’s behalf, like the JAPANESE woman who sounded like she was totally speaking of her own free will. I capitalized her nationality to make sure it’s clear, since acting Mayor at the time, Gwen Jones, erroneously assumed the foreign script she saw was CHINESE. I wonder why?

Moving on to the appropriate reporting of facial expressions, here’s Gomer getting serious about the SMIRK he witnessed. Not in person, of course, but through a screen. Which begs the question, does pixelating a face impact one’s ability to accurately report on the facial expression they think they are seeing?

Yep, I think it’s clear from the picture that Daniel Carlino is definitely SMIRKING and there HAS TO BE something in the decorum rules that can stop this terrible behavior before City Council is completely discredited.

If this post of mine wasn’t solely about facial expressions, I’d bring in the topic of HUGS and when it’s appropriate to hug a colleague, so I guess I’ll just have to write a separate post about the implications of Gwen Jones hugging Mike Nugent BEFORE the critical vote selecting Missoula’s next Mayor, the technocratic Hessinator.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to On The Relevance Of Reporting On Facial Expressions

  1. I had to constantly deal with bullshit when I was defending in death penalty cases. How many times have we read.”[name of defendant] showed no emotion ss [description of testimony, ruling, etc.]”? And there’s the converse: “Whether the tears and sobs of [name of defendant] were genuine, or an attempt to manipulate the jurors’ emotions, isn’t clear. We’ve brought in forensic clinical psychologist [name of hack] to give our viewers insight into thie. Dr. [name of hack], how does a trained professional psychologist assess the genuineness of of such a display?”. You can’t win. Either your client is a stone cold psychopath, or a manipulative psychopath. Of course, in reality, people handle stress, grief, fear, embarrasment remorse, etc. in a myriad of ways and this sort of analysis is junk science, just like phrenology was.

    As for Tyler’s needling, the real question is why he’s scapegoating Carlino for the 6-5 deadlock? What Tyler be saying if Daniel had, inatead of supporting true progressives and pragmatists, vored with Team Nugent? Stacie Anderson switched from Hess to Rice (probably after getting a messagw fron former mayor Dan Kemmis) on one ballot. So that produced a 5-5 Hess/Nugent tie, with 2 for Rice. “What did that accomplish, Tyler?” This Council, and the neolibs in general, hate it when these pesky independent thinkers refuse to get in goosestep.

    As for Gomer, what can we say about a hack who doesn’t permit on-platform comments on his biased articles? What a mackeral.

  2. That wad supposed to say “stone cold psychopatj, or manipulative sociopath.”

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