Do Teens Visiting From Countries Like Afghanistan Need Anti-Rape Classes?

by Travis Mateer

Over the weekend a young woman was allegedly raped by a teen visiting from Afghanistan. The KGVO headline indicates this alleged assailant is NOT one of the permanent residents arriving in Missoula from Afghanistan. No, this 19-year-old young man, Zabihullah Mohmand, apparently has enough money to travel around America, renting hotel rooms and partying in downtown bars, like the Badlander.

More information about this alleged rape is in the Missoulian, including some interesting cultural framing from the public defender:

The public defender, Ted Fellman, said Mohmand is an immigrant who has been staying in Missoula. He said cultural and language barriers may have played a role in the alleged assault, which he asked the court to consider. He asked for a $5,000 or $10,000 bond.

While the public defender tries to play up the “cultural barrier” angle, I’m still trying to figure out how a 19 year old immigrant has enough money to be traveling around the country with friends. Here’s a portion of what Mohmand told police about why he was in Missoula:

Mohmand reported to police he was visiting Missoula on a “worldwide trip.” He confirmed he had met the woman and her friends downtown. The two had sex, but it was consensual, he said.

Mohmand claimed the woman hadn’t left any belongings in his hotel room, but when it was searched some of her clothing items were recovered. His friend, who was sharing the hotel room with Mohmand, confirmed the woman had come back to their room and had gone into the bedroom with Mohmand.

I wonder if Zabihullah Mohmand has any clue how his alleged rape is going to impact the incoming Afghan refugees that our PROUD HELPERS are eagerly trying to relocate to Missoula.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about who this guy is and why he’s on a “worldwide trip” that brought him to party and fuck in Zoom Town.

Stay tuned…

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to Do Teens Visiting From Countries Like Afghanistan Need Anti-Rape Classes?

  1. TC says:

    I think its highly predictive how this incident will affect refugee resettlement efforts; Not at all. In so much that this may raise some questions the story/follow-up will be quickly ghosted. The Missoula Elite Hand-Wringers seemingly operate with an hierarchy of concern. It can be fluid but usually follows the Coastal “cause” zeitgeist. At times, homelessness, rape, LBGTQ+, etc will all filter to the top and receive the “right/proper” attention deserved. Mindful that attention may not translate to workable action; it is more important to appear concerned.
    Right now it is the refugee that will take precedence. As we have seen the refugee issue has displaced (literally/figuratively) the homeless issue. It will continue to displace other issues or else our County Commissioners letter of Humanitarian Obligation may appear hollow and like so much virtue signaling.

    • I need to develop some visual aids for who to care about, and when, because it can be fluid and therefore confusing.

      For example, those 5 deaths the med tech wondered if I cared about? When I used my rational mind to determine they had to be unvaxxed, because the fully jabbed can’t die of Covid, then applied the societal expectation of demonizing and blaming the unvaxxed for everything, including Colin Powell’s death, well, it was easier to come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t care about those 5 dead people.

      I may have this equation wrong, since my humanities degree from UM didn’t prepare me for going along with medical apartheid.

  2. TC says:

    Would offer one salve; Medtech 101 seems to be an adamant opponent of your thoughts of late.
    Im a firm believer that all are granted their opinion. I support Medtech 101 in continuing to offer an alternative vision.
    However, lets consider this source for a moment. Not sure if you are familiar with the Health System; as such a “medtech” certainly is not at the top of the food chain (right up there w/neurologist/cardiologist). Rather within the health system “medtech” would be more equivalent to a GED. Then compound that with the 101 moniker – well this is a person with a valid opinion but perhaps no standing of knowledge to profess such an opinion. Perhaps its just regurgitation on CNN/MSNBC babble.
    Bottom line – i appreciate your thoughts (and those of others opposing). Seems like this free speech thing (and more importantly, the free exchange thing) is kinda cool. Might even make for a more engaged populace. I hope you are not getting discouraged in your blog/podcast efforts. It has value and is appreciated

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