Zoom Town 10-19

by Travis Mateer

This week’s episode continues an emerging dynamic of my co-host, Tim Adams, struggling to give a fuck and me, right-brain poet, using rhymes as an alternative to less effective means of resistance.

If that sounds dire and dour, don’t worry, we do what we can to have some fun while looking at Covid numbers and talking about things like death, Missoula County humanitarian obligations, costumes and the FOREVER PURGE.

And a poem, which I have printed below. Thanks for listening!

help me like the homeless
you helped into the ground
help me like the college kids
you financed out of town

for bigger zoos in Portland
and big needles by the sea
help me help the helpless ones
to turn their need to green

yes, you psycho alchemists,
let us all transmute
like Johnny with machete
so the deputies can shoot

you don't need to name them
or dash-cam for the fam
doing that would take a town
that actually gave a damn

help me understand this
how long did it take?
to ruse, abuse and confuse
the spirit of this place?

know what?  never mind 
I think I've had enough
of your bullshit helping hands
in blood-resistant gloves

your handshake maneuvering
like blankets for the Reds
has the same effect:
your helping leaves them dead

instead of sucking hope
like craft beer from the taps
I decided NOW's the time 
to wake up and fight back

not with rainbow colors
from Jacob's stolen coat
perhaps a cool-a dude
will shake their quaking boat

me, I'm not waiting
for someone else's chops
no, I'm growing garlic cloves
in very fertile plots

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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