Debra’s Long Digestion Of The Red Pill

by Travis Mateer

When my podcast co-host, Tim Adams, suggested his mom join us on last week’s episode of Zoom Town, I enthusiastically agreed, thinking of the wonderful content another mom has helped her son-in-law create on the podcast Debra Gets Red Pilled.

The most recent DGRP episode with Buck Johnson is fantastic because Debra is sticking with it, despite the obvious discomfort she sometimes experiences at the probing questions some of the guests pepper her with.

Because of Debra’s honesty in trying to answer Buck’s questions the main cognitive barrier becomes clear: Donald Trump.

At one point Buck asks Debra to consider a hypothetical situation in which Donald Trump wins the election and the result is her son-in-law, Adam, is NOT facing a job loss because he won’t take the jab. While Debra can acknowledge the situation would be much more beneficial for her son-in-law, she can’t bring herself to verbally acknowledge she would be ok with Trump still being the president.

One reason for this is because Debra is vaxxed and therefore not feeling directly threatened by the loss of bodily autonomy, so her hatred of what Trump represents is able to take cognitive priority over her son-in-law’s uncertain future.

When someone DOES feel directly threatened by government policies, you’d be surprised what kind of stuff one is willing to overlook when it comes to an executive office-holding politician.

For example, I have heard my wife reluctantly admit she is happy Montana’s Governor is a Republican (she did not vote for him and still listens to NPR) because he is trying to keep our state from submitting to the Covidian hysteria more liberal states have already succumbed to.

If you want to listen to a real conversation featuring real people who disagree without going scorched earth on their relationship, listen to the latest from Debra and Adam. It’s like chicken soup for brain.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. Covidian Crew says:

    The cognitive dissonance to call it Covidian hysteria when cases in your own county of residence are at the worst levels ever experienced during the pandemic. There have always been people like you during pandemics. History will not be kind to those who so callously ignored the advice of public health. You may think being a contrarian makes you special or unique or that you have some secret knowledge as a conspiracy theorist but your just another sucker who fell down the rabbit hole because you were to mentally weak to do otherwise. I pity you and others like you and the children who grow up in cult like homes you create. What a sad, sad man you are.

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