If Local Officials Have Their Hands Tied Then Why Is My Daughter Back In Quarantine?

by Travis Mateer

On the eastern side of Montana, in Billings, a city council person by the name of Kendra Shaw issued the following lament on Twitter:

For Shaw, the nightmare is not being able to issue a mask mandate, or other supposed mitigation efforts to stop the spread of a disease so virulent, my middle kid passed it along to a grand total of ZERO of his family members.

But don’t worry, you deeply caring Covidians, my little girl is back in quarantine because someone in her class is now Covid positive, so she won’t be going back to school until October 4th. That means my kindergartner has had only FIVE DAYS of in-school learning this year.

With this context in mind I’m going to make an assertion: Kendra Shaw is full of shit when she claims the “mtleg” literally made it against the law for local communities to do anything about COVID.

Maybe she thinks keeping my kids out of school is nothing, and keeping my little girl from playing with her neighborhood friends is nothing, but as a parent watching the emotional impact, I can tell you this is NOT NOTHING my kids are dealing with.

While my family deals with another round of quarantine, more tents around the Poverello Center are popping up. With such a visible need to house homeless people in Missoula, how can the deeply caring refugee saviors go to the media to panhandle Missoula to assist the Afghanis now needing housing in Missoula?

Here is the shameless effort to pick foreign winners over the socio-economic losers, drug addicts and mentally unwell individuals unable to secure housing for themselves in our liberal utopia:

Most of the Afghans settling in Montana are not actually designated as refugees.

“So they are coming in again as what’s called a humanitarian parolee,” International Rescue Committee Deputy Director Eamon Fahey said.

Typical government-funded resettlement assistance programs won’t work for humanitarian parolees, so families are looking for other accommodation in the meantime.

“So that might be a stay in an Air BnB or a stay in a hotel or something as we are trying to find housing,” Fahey added.

Ah, so they are officially labeled HUMANITARIAN PAROLEES instead of refugees. Isn’t that cute? It’s kinda like Obama calling wars “humanitarian interventions” to mesmerize the easily suggestible liberals with his linguistic sorcery.

I hope no one tells the regular homeless that they have some charity-competition from a subgroup with a little zestier appeal for Missoula’s savior class than their drug addiction/mental illness schtick. Maybe a nice outbreak of Covid among the regular homeless could provide an opportunity to bolster their victimhood status and make them more marketable for additional services and programs.

The big takeaway from all this is that Missoula is a caring community with so much damn compassion we are going to help EVERYONE. So bring us your sick kindergartners, humanitarian parolees, schizos and meth users, disabled veterans, Californians, transgender youth and missing indigenous people. Unless you’re unvaxxed, or holding a machete, then Missoula is the place to be for getting the help you need.

Thanks for helping, Missoula!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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