A Project Safe Neighborhood Meth Bust

by Travis Mateer

Steven Ray DeCarlo won’t be peddling meth for awhile after his “Jane Doe” accomplice apparently rolled on him. From the link:

DeCarlo told investigators that he and Jane Doe were involved in getting meth, which Jane Doe had been distributing. DeCarlo told officers he had financed multiple purchases of meth that Jane Doe had made with the supplier. DeCarlo later admitted to personally bringing a pound of meth from out of state to the reservation for distribution. A pound of meth is the equivalent of 3,624 doses.

This bust is being attributed to the Project Safe Neighborhoods initiative I’ve written about many times over the past two years. Here is how the article describes the initiative:

This case is part of Project Safe Neighborhoods, a U.S. Department of Justice initiative to reduce violent crime. Through PSN, federal, tribal, state and local law enforcement partners in Montana focus on violent crime driven by methamphetamine trafficking, armed robbers, firearms offenses and violent offenders with outstanding warrants.

Before listing the posts I’ve written on this topic, I’d like to mention that the former U.S. Attorney who worked with PSN, Kurt Alme, suddenly resigned his position as Governor Gianforte’s budget director earlier this month.

Was he too chummy with a Democrat influencer AND recipient of PSN loot? I don’t know, but maybe something in one of my old posts will provide some relevant context. Here are my posts on Project Safe Neighborhoods:

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