The Problem Of Meth And The Problem Of Technocratic Solutions

by Travis Mateer

One of the biggest gaps in services that exists in Montana is treatment programs for substance abuse. Whenever I see money floating around, like the quarter million United Way got from the Federal program Project Safe Neighborhoods, I wonder who will actually be helped (besides the United Way-connected consultants who always seem to get tapped to control the government cheese).

Money is a great mechanism of control because revenue streams are like leashes, with programs like the one I led having its financial collar on tight and strategically yanked by funders like United Way. A BIG reason I’m getting more public with my criticism now is because my former program, the Homeless Outreach Team, is being used for political purposes by the VERY compromised Executive Director of United Way.

When it comes to the controlling force of money, a politicized non-profit director is not Montana’s only problem. Another problem we have is the marketing scheme known as The Meth Project, which is peddled to low-information Montanans as a part of the solution to the problem of meth in Montana.

Thomas Siebel, the billionaire behind The Meth Project, got a big chunk of his wealth by doing what our Governor did, selling a tech company to Oracle. Sibel’s payday came in 2006 when he sold Siebel Systems to Oracle for 5.8 billion.

As I was doing a little digging I found this Intercept piece that ties Oracle’s origins to our benevolent intelligence agency, the CIA. From the link:

Oracle, a company named after the Central Intelligence Agency project codename that birthed the firm in 1977, has extensive government contracts to provide database systems for a range of expansive law enforcement and surveillance-related government agencies, including the National Security Agency; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and the Department of Homeland Security.

And Oracle services have been proposed to develop database services for the implementation of California’s AB 857, one of the newest state gun registry laws in the nation. The bill, signed in July 2016 by Gov. Jerry Brown, provides new regulations on homemade firearms, including a mandate that homemade guns must be registered with the state.

The technocratic solutions to societal scourges like meth abuse will be more layers of technocratic control. This is the technocratic dystopia people like Alison McDowell have been warning about.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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