On Seeing The Future With My DNB

by Travis Mateer

I feel empowered to write poems like Nostradamus because The Prop Report’s Drive Time News-Blast is SO GOOD at teasing out the agenda from behind the headlines it’s like they’re telling the future.

For example, I am NOT surprised to see the former head of the NSA and CIA, Michael Hayden, openly conflate the Taliban with unvaxxed MAGA Trump supporters this week because LAST WEEK Brad Binkley said he thought this would be getting more hype, and HE WAS RIGHT!

And to show you how quickly a poet can seize on insights like I get from the DNB, here is the poem I wrote LAST WEEK.

And remember to check back later today for this week’s episode of Zoom Town.

Talipat?  Patriban?
you think we can't but
yes we can!
see it, hear it
heart it deep
20 years of careful sleep
now poppy petals
for eastern fans
as Mordor turns
to Patriban--

question any holy vote?
may science turn
your bones to sand

send the kid without a poke?
mark the vector
with a brand

from your mouth 
it sounds insane--say it,
play it, like a game

it's psycho fun and
karma bland

to Talipat your

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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