What Are Democracy Super-Spreaders Trying To Hide In Georgia And Missoula?

by Travis Mateer

In yesterday’s podcast episode of Zoom Town I did a little bragging about my Saturday participation in a Zoom meeting that included Garland Favorito, an election integrity activist in Georgia exposing election problems if Fulton County.

From the second link:

When it comes to keeping Georgia’s election process honest, Garland Favorito is one of the toughest advocates and critics.

Favorito has been rattling the nerves of many Georgia political elites for 15 years while testing the mettle of the state’s election system.

The retired information technology professional is co-founder of VoterGA, a nonpartisan election integrity nonprofit with thousands of social media followers. Politically, he is independent.

I know it’s FORBIDDEN in some circles to engage in any speculation about 2020 election problems, but just pretending people can’t use the courts to challenge election results, or demanding private tech companies censor any content that provide comfort to INSURRECTIONISTS, isn’t yet possible for the budding authoritarians, so even in Missoula stuff like this can happen:

It’s been almost nine months since the 2020 election, but in Missoula County, a Republican-led group is still sparring with local election officials over alleged “discrepancies” in ballot counts – claims that county officials say are bunk.

“We have the (ballot) envelopes, we have the documentation; this error does not exist,” Missoula County Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman told MTN News.

The GOP-led group, calling itself the Missoula County Election Integrity Project, has made several claims of problems with mail-in ballots during the 2020 general election – including one suggesting that nearly 4,600 ballots, or 6 percent of the total votes cast, aren’t tied to registered voters.

While county election officials have rebutted these claims, the group has continued to make extensive requests for ballot records, insisting that questions about the vote count have not been fully answered.

“We simply want to know how many ballots were brought in, how many ballots were mailed out and how many ballots were maintained,” says state Rep. Brad Tschida, a Missoula Republican spearheading the effort. “And, what the chain of custody was for those ballots, so that we can say without a shadow of a doubt there was no issue with the election.”

Individuals and groups, if so inclined, should have the right to inspect ballots and examine the chain of custody of those ballots.

Shouldn’t they?

Once upon a time Democrats believed in checks and balances to test the democratic processes they advocate spreading across the globe. When those same Democracy super-spreaders doth protest too much about examining the results, it makes me wonder what do they have to hide?

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to What Are Democracy Super-Spreaders Trying To Hide In Georgia And Missoula?

  1. TC says:

    Great post but have an aside for you to consider given your expertise and recent posting. Seems that the City of Missoula is soliciting property owners to lease their property for winter homeless shelter. This despite time, money, effort by an Incident Command Team to identify 3 future shelter sites. Seems like their findings were either inadequate or unacceptable to the City (and Director of all Ms. Pehan). This solicitation is in addition to the City confirming that they own the Johnson facility and could be used again as needed.
    Im hoping that the City will inform potential lease holders that they can expect massive bio-hazards (feces, urine, vomit, blood, etc) on their property. That they can expect multiple Emergency Responses (law,fire,ems) to handle ODs, assaults (physical/sexual) and various other crimes that occur on their property. I also hope that they inform potential renters that their neighbors will be alienated and will express that. And finally I hope they know that all this will occur because the City will put no accountability upon those staying at the potential facility.
    If the property owner knows all these things and gets a boiler plate liability release and gets a huge damage deposit then it will probably see a great financial return from the City (might even get a buy offer that is twice the market value ie Sleepy Inn). My guess is that it will either be an absentee property owner or a well connected, inner circle local.
    Just food for thought as this plays out behind the curtain.

  2. Pete Talbot says:

    If Tschida was serious about the so-called election “discrepancies,” he’d make his accusations in court. He won’t because they’re bogus and he knows it. Tschida is just taking a page from Trump’s “Big Lie” playbook and sowing mistrust in the electoral process, which is kind of funny considering Tschida won his election in Missoula County and Republicans swept all statewide offices. On the other hand, it’s what authoritarians do: question election integrity so they can retain power.

    • Greg Strandberg says:

      Why do you let other people bother you so much? Why is Tshida bothering you so much? Why do other people’s opinions bother you so much? Taking it a step further…why are you so unhappy?

      For years, you co-ran a website that prohibited comments from those you considered undesirable. Now that platform is gone for you, and you can’t stop commenting on other people’s sites. Why don’t you just pay $100 or so and start your own site, to get your own word out? Dems in this state would love it, they’re chomping at the bit for someone to tell them what to think again.

      That someone could be you, Pete.

      • Pete Talbot says:

        It’s Tschida, with a ‘c’. And it’s “champing at the bit.” And I’m relatively happy.

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