Fact Checking President Joe

by Travis Mateer

Joe Biden is doing his best to sell vaccines to hesitant Americans, but his most recent performance combines that signature Biden cognitive decline (which is so endearing) with a robust vaccine zealotry that goes a little too far, requiring some media fact checks.

I was so impressed with the gentle, loving fact checks that I wanted to reproduce some of the media damage control. Every grandpa with a cottage cheese brain should be so lucky.

From the link:

BIDEN: “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the IC unit, and you’re not going to die.” — town hall.

THE FACTS: His remark accurately captures the strong protection the COVID-19 vaccines provide as cases spike among people who have resisted the shots. But it overlooks the rare exceptions.

Boy, talk about nit-picking. Our amazing president states clearly that vaccines ensure people don’t die, but apparently there ARE “rare” exceptions. Here’s more:

BIDEN: “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” — town hall.

THE FACTS: Again, he painted with too broad a brush as he described in stark terms the disparity between those who got their shots and those who haven’t. The disparity is real, but a small number of breakthrough infections happen and health officials say they are not a cause for alarm.

No vaccines are perfect, and the government is keeping a close eye on whether new coronavirus mutants start to outsmart the COVID-19 shots. But for now, federal health officials say even when breakthrough infections occur, they tend to be mild — the vaccines so far remain strongly protective against serious illness.

Yes, our vaccines are SMART, but sometimes mutants can be EVEN SMARTER than the very smart vaccines. Maybe Biden forgot how Corona mutants can sometimes outsmart our smart vaccines.

Boy, it’s a GOOD THING we have such a dedicated and honest media holding President Joe accountable, like this:

BIDEN, asked about vaccinated people who get infected: “It may be possible, I know of none where they’re hospitalized, in ICU and or have passed away so at a minimum I can say even if they did contract it, which I’m sorry they did, it’s such a tiny percentage and it’s not life threatening.” — remarks to reporters after the event.

THE FACTS: Once again, too far. That is evident from the CDC’s finding that 5,492 vaccinated people who tested positive for coronavirus were hospitalized or died as of July 12. That’s not “none.” But he is correct that it is a small percentage of the more than 159 million fully vaccinated Americans.

Sure, 5,492 is definitely NOT NONE, but Joe is trying REALLY HARD to convey how awesome the vaccines are. Maybe, in all his passionate enthusiasm for vaccine science, he is a little too excited and exaggerates, ever so slightly, the positive impacts, but so what? It’s not like his regime has dedicated itself to expunging vaccine CHEERLEADING because that is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than vaccine misinformation.

Anyways, all those hesitant bio-medical terrorists should run out TODAY and get poked, especially while beer brands are given out FREE BEER MONEY to go along with those free donuts:

If you’ve received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, then you’ve scored yourself a pair of free beers to go with your free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. Last week, Sam Adams announced that it would be “buying a beer” for anyone who’s gotten a shot, and now Budweiser says it’s doing the same.


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