Disaster Gentrification?

by William Skink

I’m excited to report another Montana blogger has used the term “gentrification” in a blog post. After writing about gentrification here at RD for years, I am happy to see this phenomenon get more attention, even if it is the Montana Post.

To tantalize readers even more, I can report that not only was the term gentrification used, it was also paired with another word: disaster.

Disaster gentrification. Say it a few times to get a feel for it.

So, what second home celebrity inspired the Montana Post to suddenly become aware of gentrification? Kelly Clarkson, that’s who. The post, titled Be a Good Neighbor: Go Away or Give Back, has this to say:


That’s how I reacted when I ran across an Oprah Magazine piece about the country crooner, influencer and TV host Kelly Clarkson showing off her—of course—rustic cabin in Montana while everyone is battening down the hatches to stave off the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a nice getaway for our family,” the subheadline amazingly read.

What? Unbelievable.

No, it’s actually quite believable and even predicable that people with resources will retreat to their rustic bungalows to ride out the pandemic in style and comfort in Montana.

Luckily Missoula is not the Hamptons, so the more obnoxious plague vacationers won’t be polluting our community with their entitlement like they do on the east coast.

I do wonder how the bookings at Paws Up ranch are doing. The celebs better get their glamping on before the pandemic restricts air travel.


About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. olbossy says:

    You constant theme about “people with resources” !

    Cynics like you are the problem. Hiding behind a keyboard and uploading your uselessness does not benefit anyone but you own selfish insecurities.

    Get a job and contribute.

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