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I’m Thankful I Resisted Their Safe And Effective Science

by Travis Mateer Are the morticians and funeral home managers and embalmers all lying? Are the white, fibrous “clots” and sand-like specks in the blood just aberrations that shouldn’t be connected to a certain medical intervention that the global population … Continue reading

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On Storing The Personal Belongings Of Homeless Tenants When Their Home Is The Great Outdoors (Or An Authorized Camping Site)

by Travis Mateer Earlier this year, before the massive series of cleanups that removed over 67 TONS of trash from the Reserve Street homeless encampments, the legal wrangling over how to remove the people worked its way through court. The … Continue reading

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Missoula’s Next Boondoggle Targeting Your Pocketbook For Destruction

by Travis Mateer I’m glad to see the Missoula Redevelopment Agency wasted NO TIME gearing up for Missoula’s next boondoggle with the following RFP (request for proposal) put out on November 9th, just ONE DAY after voters said NO to … Continue reading

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New Article On Homelessness In Montana Is Why No One Believes Local Media About Homelessness In Montana

by Travis Mateer The lure in the KGVO headline is that NEW DATA is going to “reveal” something about homelessness in Montana, but when it comes to drilling down on the four main causes of homelessness, well, it kinda feels … Continue reading

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Mill Levy Mailer Propaganda Gets Jurisdictional Pinball Treatment From Conflicted Officials, And Other Stories

by Travis Mateer Since plenty of people see a headline and surmise the content without reading it, it’s frustrating when the manipulation of a media article begins with its headline, like this Missoulian article, titled State rejects ethics complaint against … Continue reading

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