What The Funke Is That Disparaging Smell, Ryan?

by Travis Mateer

For those following my coverage of what’s been happening (or not happening) in the County next-door, the man pictured above is a familiar figure, and also the NEW Sheriff in town! I know you’re probably wondering, how did Sheriff Funke do during his first performance as Sheriff at the County Commissioner meeting?

Well, as the title of this post indicates, there is a DISPARAGING smell coming from the Sheriff’s Office, but DO NOT WORRY citizens of Mineral County, Sheriff Funke is ON THE JOB, which you can see for yourself at around the 2 hour 10 minute mark on the video below.

Before continuing–because there WAS something important that occurred at this meeting–I’d like to offer a definition of the word “disparage” because I don’t think it means what Ryan Funke THINKS it means.

Let’s move on from the potential Freudian slip of this awful odor belittling our new Sheriff to the implication of how he dealt with this problem, which was to hire outside help instead of going through the normal process of letting maintenance handle it. It’s worth watching the video just to see this LAW man get reprimanded by one of the Commissioners.

After the odor fiasco, I was left with a few stench-related questions, like what the hell was Deputy Cashman and the other Mineral County allstars doing in their offices? And why was it suddenly a crisis that had to be handled with such immediacy?

The REAL intrigue, though, is what Sheriff Toth did, or did NOT do, upon leaving office, and that’s hand over passwords, which he did not do, or phone contacts, which he deleted from the Sheriff’s phone, according to Funke. You can see this on the video at the 2 hour 19 minute mark.

Now, why would a LAW man, like former Sheriff Mike Toth, do something like that? What does Mike Toth have to hide?

When I observed the impressive NO-FUCK-GIVING attitude of Mike Toth when he took the stand in The Great Lance Japer Mandamus Show I thought, now there’s a man who knows his NO-FUCK-GIVING attitude must be appreciated by guys like Austin Knudsen, Montana’s alleged Attorney General. Toth exhibited this cavalier position by doing things like throwing Missoula County’s new Sheriff, Jeremiah Petersen, under the bus for using Mineral County as a shitty Deputy dumping ground.

I’m glad Sheriff Funke has a LITERAL bad smell to deal with because those are so much easier than the figurative stench of corruption exemplified by Sheriff Toth’s tenure, which MUST be dealt with in some capacity by the January court date for the Mandamus update.

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Thanks for reading!

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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3 Responses to What The Funke Is That Disparaging Smell, Ryan?

  1. amastrovito56 says:

    Mineral County Deputy County Attorney also throws others under the bus. Upon request of a Chain of Custody for 1.5# of pot that Wally Condon states was found in Rebekah Barsotti’s vehicle. Before court on July 19, 2022 Wally accosted me outside Judge Jason Marks Courtroom, blaming me for taking his time off the farm at 3pm during normal business hours for a scheduled hearing. That’s when he informed me of the pot. When I asked what they did with it, he said they burned it.
    I reminded him it was NOT listed on the Inventory. Wally has told others about the 1.5# of pot. My attorney requested a Chain of Custody which the Sheriff Department and Wally Congdon cannot provide. Be mindful, Sheriff Ryan Funke was the assigned Deputy to my daughter’s case. (What that implies is inaccurate documentation or more lies. I have not been able to find out who came up with the 1.5# pot). Instead Wally Congdon threw Missoula County Sheriff Department under the bus, stating they did it. Well, Wally, I have it in writing that MCSO knows nothing of what you claim. WHO is lying? WHO can bec trusted in Law Enforcement and the representatives of the courts?

  2. Eric says:

    But how do you REALLY feel about the former Sheriff ?

  3. amastrovito56 says:

    Eric – is this question directed at the author of the Blog or directed at my comment?

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