Synchronicities Swim In A Soup Of Culture, But Who Makes The Culture?

by Travis Mateer

I’ve been thinking a lot about masks and deception lately, and I’m not the only one. Nathaniel Gillis was recently interviewed by Greg Carlwood and his take on why there may be good reason to keep the public in the dark about the nature of the phenomenon once known as UFOs is incredibly disturbing because my gut tells me there’s something to what he claims.

What does Gillis claim? It’s hard to summarize, but let me try with this: human consciousness is so powerful that our ability to believe in something could itself function as a triggering event, allowing these entities to FULLY enter our realm of existence.

Did I mention the book I’m writing entails a parallel investigation into the metaphysical madness of synchronicity? And nothing highlights how this madness can take hold of someone more than the work of Michael Wann, who ALSO was interviewed recently about a 33 day road trip he concluded, which, of course, mirrors what I’m planning on doing.

When I get back on the road, I’m not sure the frequency or length of posts that I’ll be able to put up, but I’ll do my best. The bulk of my writing, though, is the story that’s coming together as I travel, so stay tuned and don’t forget there’s still ways to support ALL my investigations, and that’s Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF), or using the donation button at my about page.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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