What This Man Is Sharing Is Serious And Where This Is Going Is Not Good

by Travis Mateer

I watched the latest upload from Jedidiah Gordon Schulz and my heart breaks for him because not seeing your child is hell for a father who wants to be a father. Being in a situation where the frequency of my own interactions with my kids has changed, I can appreciate how little fucks one can give for the pain a bullet might inflict.

Here’s the latest video:

If you watch the video, you might surmise, like I did, that Jedidiah isn’t fucking around, and that engaging with him is going to result in more casualties than just his.

Is this a recipe for a successful run for Montana State Representative?

After engaging with Mineral County Sheriff Deputies and NOT getting shot dead, that appears to be the plan, according to the following from his YouTube page:

My Name is Jedidiah Gordon Schulz and I’m Running for Montana State Representative. I came to this decision after a corrupt Mineral County MT sheriff department tried to murder me on orders from their Chinese handlers, after surviving the attempted hit in which even Missoula SWAT nearly became involved, it gave my life renewed purpose and shed more light on how massive the Chinese in-cell invasion really is and also how corrupt my home state has become, from Mineral County to Missoula, Broadwater, Sweetgrass and certainly other Montana Counties, We the People Of Montana must take the power back while we have this momentum in our favor. A true law abiding USA Native born and raised in Arlee Montana, when I’m elected I promise to go after the damned Californians who piss on our values and the Chinese who wage war on our people with drugs and shitty consumer goods. I will govern according to only the Constitution of the USA and nothing else besides the Snipers Code of Honor

In the video, Jedidiah talks about a brief stint in jail in San Bernardino. There’s also another video, coming soon, that will further address the “character assassination” he anticipates is coming.

In a seeming attempt to be VERY open about who he is, Jedidiah shares his Social Security number AND license plate information on the Tesla he’s driving, which he describes in great tactical (and alarming) detail.

Did I mention that where this is all going is NOT good?

Well-armed, seemingly well-trained, and nothing left to lose. Not a good combination.

Another father I’ve been thinking about just popped back up on the jail roster with a felony burglary charge, booked just a few hours before I sat down to write this.

Shane recently told me he can’t locate his kid in the system, and he thinks the kid is being trafficked. He also said some other stuff that causes me a lot of concern about what’s happening to him.

I’m incredibly worried about where this is all going, but really not sure what exactly is happening at the same time, so I’m going to be cautious and do my best to keep an eye on this as a much as possible, considering all the other stuff I have going on.

Thank you to the person who put this on my radar, and who is also trying to see the angles of what might be happening. It’s very much appreciated.

If you appreciate what I’m trying to do here with my local coverage of shit going down, Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF) is one way to support my efforts, as is the donation button at my about page.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. Concern Troll says:

    APPLE VALLEY, Calif. – A child has been placed with Child Family Services in Apple Valley after he was discovered in a home filled with wood chips and over 50 animals ranging from exotic birds to cats on the property.

    Deputies responded to a home in the 13000 block of Cuyamaca Road on May 21 just after 6 p.m. to investigate a reported disturbance.

    At the home, deputies said they found the suspect, 38-year-old Jeddidiah Schulz, refusing to return three cats that belonged to the person who reported him to authorities.

    While speaking with Schulz, authorities noticed a child in the living room with several cats running around. Authorities also smelled an extremely strong odor of cat urine coming from inside the home.

    Once inside, authorities discovered over 50 cats, several exotic birds, lizards, and dogs.

    Authorities said the entire home was covered with wood chips that the cats used as a litter box.

    According to officials, the child was sleeping in the closet on bedding covered in cat urine.

    Source: https://www.foxla.com/news/apple-valley-man-arrested-child-cruelty

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