When Political Schizophrenics Fight The Culture War In Double-Standard Town

by Travis Mateer

I took some footage of Trent Holmgren on Saturday during the market because he was obviously VERY high on drugs, shirtless, and dancing in a provocative manner while families with young kids tried avoiding him. This is the guy who shot arrows at the Youth Homes, along with other acts of violence, like beating up his girlfriend. He was also a witness to a drive-by shooting, interviewed here by the Missoulian:

Not far from where Holmgren was showing off his drug-fueled dance moves, activists obsessed with the possibility of undermining parental rights in order to transition children into their “movement” were holding flags by the red X’s on North Higgins. I made the mistake of attempting to converse with these activists about narrative control. It didn’t go well.

I began by asking them if they have heard the names Sean Stevenson or Rebekah Barsotti. No, they said, so I explained to them my concerns about narrative control and local media. When I gave the example of Zooey Zephyr’s supporters throwing at least one object from the gallery, and how that was NOT reported during the protest in support of her silencing, one of the activists loudly objected, stating THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!

Suddenly a young white woman materialized, striding between us to confront me because she could tell I was “escalated”. It’s true that local ignorance about local bodies piling up is a trigger for me, so I told the righteous white woman I’d move along to satisfy these activists need to be bubble-wrapped against any deviation from TOTAL ACCEPTANCE of EVERY DEMAND they are making, parents be damned.

Earlier last week, the Target store in Missoula entered the culture war, and the result was a predictable tantrum by some asshole who doesn’t understand that he’s playing directly into the culture-trolling trap being set up to produce this EXACT reaction.

From the link (emphasis mine):

A transgender Missoula couple was told to “enjoy it while you can ” while shopping Thursday in the LGBTQ+ section in Target by a man who went on to throw merchandise from the section onto the floor.

The man was later escorted by a Target employee out of the section, which includes clothing with rainbow colors, for example.

Octavia Jimenez and her non-binary partner, April Dean, said they were rattled by the experience.

“I think that those are temporary feelings that are going to pass,” Dean said.

Both said the opposition to Target’s merchandise is “profoundly silly.” Jimenez added people are just living their lives “and want recognition for who they are.”

Sorry, Octavia Jimenez, your depiction of this movement is NOT ACCURATE. People are advocating for MINORS to access drugs and surgery in order to make life-altering decision that can’t be undone, and many within this movement are incredibly hostile to parents and PARENTAL RIGHTS, so as a parent of three kids, I am NOT going to be silent, especially as the drug crisis rages on our streets and in our parks.

To hit back against Target’s financial decision to pull back displays in certain stores, someone called in bomb threats to several stores. This is from a local Cleveland news station:

From the link:

Cleveland 19 News received a bomb threat Friday afternoon against five Target stores in the area.

The threat, received at 12:26 p.m. via email, centered around Target’s LGBTQ+ merchandise.

Immediately jumping to action, our staff made reports with each local police department as well as the Cleveland Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Will a news story like this get national traction? It’s doubtful, just like it’s doubtful we’ll ever see the manifesto from Audrey Hale, the transgender shooter in the Nashville mass-casualty attack. If you want a manifesto, it’s probably more palatable to consume a white supremacist one, like the Buffalo shooter. Here’s some analysis I found on HIS sad screed:

“The truth is my personal life and experiences are of no value. I am simply a White man seeking to protect and serve my community, my people, my culture, and my race.”

These words were written in a manifesto which was posted online before an 18-year-old gunman went to a grocery store in Buffalo, New York and opened fire on citizens in the parking lot, and then within the store. Ten people were killed in the incident on 14 May, which largely targeted Black shoppers in an act which is being investigated as racially motivated violent extremism. The alleged perpetrator, Payton Gendron (the Buffalo shooter), livestreamed the shooting, and posted the 180-page manifesto, which was shared widely online. This Perspective interrogates the manifesto produced by the Buffalo shooter.

Downplaying political violence on the left, while hyperventilating over anything the political right engages in, ensure the culture war will continue, and that’s good for the transnational political elite who give ZERO FUCKS about the wedge issues they exploit to keep the plebes at each other’s throats.

As this movement relates to parental rights and narrative control, I will continue to write about it, but reluctantly, because the tactics of canceling and censorship are still being deployed, just like they were against people like me who opposed medical interventions we didn’t agree with.

If you appreciate my willingness to write about this issue from THIS side of the fence, you can help insulate me from cancel culture by supporting Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF), or making a donation at my about page. Both can be anonymous.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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25 Responses to When Political Schizophrenics Fight The Culture War In Double-Standard Town

  1. TC says:

    Things seem to keep escalating (pick your culture war of choice: homeless, trans, etc). After 30+ years in Missoula I cannot remember the boil being so ready to boil (only thing that comes close is the first Hells Angel visit; funny seeing the good libs defending those scum bag rapists,murderers, drug dealers). Anyway, as temps rise tempers will rise – I think we will see a spate of vigilantism this summer; people will die unfortnuately

    • I moved to Missoula the summer of Hell’s Angels craziness, so I had zero context for what was happening then. 23 years later, you better believe I have some fucking context, enough to write fiction in 2015 that’s coming true now.

    • JC says:

      TC, what do you mean: “good libs defending those scum bag rapists, murderers, drug dealers”?

      I don’t know of anybody defending the Hells Angels, except maybe some other bikers and businesses raking some money from their visit. Pretty much the whole cop riot was due to the city being handed over to the feds for riot training for regional police forces. And people (libs too) were pissed that the city was being deferential to the Hells Angels, and focusing their militaristic police actions on local citizens.

      In case you need a refresher on how it all went down, you might want to watch this video. My good friend Linda Tracy pretty much raised the bar on citizen journalism rights in the state, defending her (and our) ability to shield their work product from the state’s subpoenas to use her footage for investigations and criminal proceedings. Oh, and I make a cameo appearance lambasting the police department over the arrest of my then wife, who was assisting the videographer. And yeah, we won a civil suit against the city for violating her rights.

      • TC says:

        Yeah – I actually dont need a condescending poser history (w/accompanying vidoe). Why because I actually lived it – you know boots on the ground type stuff (maybe you dont know). Yeah I got to clean up after fucking dirtbags – got to deal with assualt victims, rape victims, ODs, etc. yeah guess thats not to the level of “journalist” but was something.
        Yeah and saw near riots in protest of the “heavy hand of the law”. Saw bottles,bricks etc thrown at ems, police and fire; not by Hells Angels but by the protectors of these upstanding citizens rights (here’s a hint wasnt MAGA types).
        So yeah the Feds were brought in (and yes they were training for Olympic type gatherings). So what – Missoula City/County was incapable of dealing with this. I wish they sent the Nat’l Guard or better yet the 101st.
        Must be nice to spout off after the fact but Im guessing you didnt know anyone beaten, your daughter wasnt raped. For those of those that did it was hard to see the good lins cheering motorcycles racing up Higgins and hating on those trying to protect citizens from them and themselves.

        • TC says:

          Yep – I watched your little hype video. Exactly as I remember. Law Enforcement trying to keep order and showing a lot of patience at grace doing so (at least initially). Bunch of obnoxious, entitled white bitches (men and women) inserting themselves into the middles of something that didnt concern them. Then, as all good libs do, instantly claiming oppressed victim status. Damn LE should huge restraint!
          And to your former point about the good libs siding on fucking assaulters, rapists, drug dealers – just listen to all the cheers and enthusiasm for these pieces of shit. Did you and your fellow enlightens also spit on returning Nam vets and feel justified?

        • JC says:

          You’re a real piece. Thanks for flying your true colors. A real authoritarian, militarist jerk.

        • J. Kevin Hunt says:

          Fascist? Thanks for the reveal.

    • J. Kevin Hunt says:

      What was protested during the Hells Angels convocation was the 24 hour helicopter surveillance night (with blinding spotlights)and day over their lawful encampment, and similar unconstitutional, unnecessary, fascistic actions. What you don’t undertsand, is that if such actions are permitted against the Hells Angel, TC, then they can be used against your John Birch Society meetings, Trump Worship Galas, and anti-Boomer rallies. Thank God you don’t wear a fucking badge today.

  2. Mrs Stitch says:

    Meanwhile the Missoulian is pushing a story about the coming hurricane season.

  3. TC says:

    JC – you are a piece as well. Thank you for flying your colors. Take a look around you – how has Missoula turned out after 40 yrs of YOU? Take a look in the mirror – how had that turned out divorcee? Has your arrogant all knowing smug as shit Boomer wisdom worked out? Rockin a tye-dye, listening to Neil Young and buying at Farmers Market changed the world did it? Did you generation make the world better or put us into the shit we see today? Linda fucking Tracy 😂😂😂 .Is that your claim to fame? Sad!
    Look – Boy- there are actual people that try to make this world work. There are actual people (such as Travis) that have skin in this game. People that dont sit on their ass and pontificate. To paraphrase Teddy … if you are not in the arena with dust and blood upo you – shut the fuck up!

    • JC says:

      Yep, a real piece. Lots of nice assumptions and rash generalizations. Musta touched a nerve.

      For your information, Linda Tracy’s fight against the state to be protected as a legitimate journalist, even though she was just a student at the time is precedent setting. And Travis can sleep better at night knowing that all of the footage he is taking on the streets is protected because of her (and our) efforts. Without that, he could be subpoenaed, and the police state could enter his work space and confiscate all his footage, looking for evidence of crimes.

      And that CBS videographer that was abused? He stood up in court for all our rights to be in a public space and record the ongoings of the police as they abuse people and use unwarranted force to make arrests of people who willing put themselves up for arrest.

      But hey, if you want to stand up for the unconstitutional importation and use of out of state forces, illegal confiscation of private property (video footage) and suppression of the press, unwarranted and excessive use of force, and criminalizing the right to public protest, well you might find a better audience in Russia, Iran or China.

      You know nothing about me, and missed on most of your rash boomer generalizations (there’s a couple Neil Young songs I actually like). But then again, when you got nothing, throw the whole dumpster at folks hoping something sticks… till then, “keep on rockin’ in the free world.”

    • J. Kevin Hunt says:

      Thanks for revealing, TC, that you aren’t an ally of liberty, freedom or justice …just a narrow-minded bigot with an ageist streak who is incapable of parsing out details and instead finds others to scapegoat.

  4. TC says:

    JC – By the way shit ass there is a certain amount of authoritarian/militaristic that allows you the freedom to be a pompous asshole. Get rid of it and the liberal world will slide into socialism/communism. Keep rocking that 60’s Lennon bullshit (as he preached as a millionaire in this authoritarian hellscape). Have a another glass of Chardonnay at your Rattlesnake mixer and keep talking shit about those that spin the wheel. You are a joke! Sorry – you are a Boomer

    • J. Kevin Hunt says:

      TC, when you know what “liberal,” “socialist,” “communist” — and let’s throw in “neoliberal” for good measure — actually mean, one hopes your commentary will at least be politically illiterate while spouting hateful demagoguery.

  5. Roy says:

    If you don’t want government bureaucracy forcing a mask on your child or coercing experimental injections, that’s terrorism.

    If you want to chemically castrate and surgically mutilate your child, that’s parental rights.

  6. TC says:

    Look in the mirror – what have you contributed to make this world better? You point to Linda Tracy – thats not you Fucko. You point to CBS – thats not you Fucko. Did, one time, you anomalously march for a shit ass cause. Were you at the BB Game and cheered loudly while protesters were pulled off the floor? Did you not write a letter to editor but gave a thumbs up to a comment?
    Stay in the shadows where you have always residedyou fucking poser. If you (and yours) knew shit about shit we would live in a Utopia. But alas – you smug Boomers fucked us all. Now left for us to undue your stupidity. But when we do – you fucks will still win. Pet Teddy – posers sit down and shut the fuck up

    • J. Kevin Hunt says:

      You’re really narrowminded and lacking in apprehension of reality. “Boomers” aren’t, despite your bigoted nonsense, some monolithic demographic cohort. I’ll put my real actions to undo the evils of the past 50 years against yours any fucking day. Yeah, a 65-year-old geezer said that.

  7. TC says:

    Last thing last. Talk about throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks. You didnt refute shit! As the good Lib Boomer you just deflected and spun. You tried anything but honest reflection. You said I dont know you – I know exactly who you are Boomer. Shit you are a degree away from Engen, Sponseller, Buchanan, Nugent (1.0), and yep Linda Tracy – among others. You voted with glee for all of them. They fit your Boomer values and world view. Guessing you were all in for Hilary too huh?😂
    Take heart – you have the next gen that you can mindlessly genuflect to- Hess, Nugent (2.0) et al. Keep doing you Boomer – wring your hands, piss and moan and pretend you did not wrought. In the end you do NOTHING

    • J. Kevin Hunt says:

      Your use of “Boomer” is offensive and outrageous. Which is, of course, what you intended it to be, for sure. Not the words of a thinking individual.

  8. TC says:

    Dammit I cant stop – too much fun. JC you are such a stereotype. I see this 60-70 ish man that is bald as hell but has a 3” ponytail. A guy that wears Crocs everyday because he doesnt adhere to societal norms (way to stick it to the Man), listens to NPR every morning just to get a tagline to spew at the Break (while sitting alone). You are a guy that advocates for bike lanes even tho you dont ride a bike. A guy that advocated for the purchase of Osprey Park only cause Engen and Kevin Head told you. A guy that kind of hates Ellen Buchanan but takes every opportunity to suck up to her (maybe even danced together at Root Fest).
    Refute – tell me what I got wrong Fucko. You make me laugh – thank you for the joy I had interacting with you. Honestly – thank you dipshit

    • JC says:

      Wow, projection much? Wrong on all accounts. I don’t even live in Missoula anymore, haven’t for quite a few years. But quite entertaining. Bet the guys down at the firehall loved you after a couple beers. And laughed all the way home to tell their significant others what a douchebag you were.

    • J. Kevin Hunt says:


  9. Let’s all meet at the park with styrofoam swords and go medieval on each other 😉

  10. J. Kevin Hunt says:

    Sorry, Travis, but this is nothing but politically illiterate gaslighting. I’ll post a link to a medical journal article about the biology of transgenderism and the value
    of gender-affriming care. I don’t want to lose any more to suicide. (Nor, to infectious diseases because of paranoid, anti-government folks who are all for use of government paramilitary force against afflicted homeless people, but clutch pearls and wail about their kids wearing a fucking medical mask, as has been done many times during deadly pandemics and epidemics. Show me how many kids died from wearinf masks. Not one. )

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