A Suggestion For “Irritable” Native Writer Chris LaTray About Empty Words: Complain Harder!

by Travis Mateer

Two years ago a writer by the name of Chris LaTray got on my radar for his assessment on the intelligence of Montanans. Here is a screenshot from that post:

The tweet by CCarp is actually pretty funny considering what I’m going to highlight next about LaTray, specifically the part about whether or not people actually want what a political party is going to give them.

Chris LaTray is a paid instructor on UM’s campus and was recently quoted in a Kaimin article about how he’s no longer satisfied with land acknowledgement words. Nope, ain’t good enough no more for this “Irritable Metis”. From the link (emphasis mine):

While widely celebrated as a progressive step, three enrolled tribal members affiliated with the University of Montana question the effectiveness of land acknowledgements at UM.

Chris La Tray, an adjunct instructor teaching storytelling at UM this semester; Salena Beaumont Hill, the director of inclusive excellence at UM; and Heather Cahoon, an associate professor of tribal governance and policy all agree that land acknowledgements increasingly given at the start of events at UM do not go far enough.

“I don’t think we should do land acknowledgements,” said La Tray, a Metis and Little Shell member who has written about the topic on his subscriber-funded newsletter, “An Irritable Metis.” 

He questioned the intention of having a land acknowledgement.

Why are they doing it?” La Tray said. “Because to me, as a native person, it’s like, ‘yes, this thing used to be yours, it’s not anymore, sorry!’”

I’m a little embarrassed for this college-level teacher who can’t understand why virtue-signaling people and institutions signal their virtue. Here’s a hint, Chris: it has something to do with being WOKE and cancelling anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

Another fun quote comes from the director of INCLUSIVITY EXCELLENCE, Beaumont Hill. Here’s her description of the shift that slowly occurred as it dawned on her people in power use empty words to placate minority populations. Maybe they should teach a college course on this phenomenon? (emphasis mine):

Beaumont Hill, a member of the Apsáalooke from the Crow Nation, said that, at first, she had a positive impression of land acknowledgments and appreciated their existence in multiple organizations on campus. After a while, however, Beaumont Hill started to see the acknowledgments in a different light.  

“As time went on, and then I took my role as the director of inclusive excellence, there was talk about things being performative … because you just start reading a statement, and there’s no full understanding behind it. They’re just words after a while,” Beaumont Hill said.

Isn’t it adorable to see these smart people in the halls of higher education realize they are being fed bullshit? Welcome to the real world, smarties. If you want help acclimating, I’ll do my best with continued coverage of the hilarious divergence between liberal fantasies and harsh reality. Or you can choose to just complain harder and see where that gets you.

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Thanks for reading!

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