Missoula Writer Chris LaTray’s Analysis Of Why Gianforte Won: “People Here Are Dumb”

by William Skink

A got an angry reaction on Twitter yesterday from Chris LaTray, a Missoula writer and enrolled member of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians.

LaTray’s One Sentence Journal: Short Poems and Essays from the World at Large won the 2018 Montana Book Award, the 2019 High Plains Book Award (Best First Book) and the 2019 High Plains Book Award (Best Book by Indigenous Writer). He’s an up and coming culture creator, which makes his broad assessment of the intelligence of Montanans worth noting. Here’s the tweet I commented on that triggered LaTray’s wrath:

Isn’t it nice to see how these two men are bonding over their disdain for all the stupid Montanans who voted for the CREATION MUSEUM GUY? When I retweeted LaTray’s assessment of his fellow Montanans I received quite the micro-aggression, or is being told to GO FUCK MYSELF a macro aggression? I dunno, but here it is:

After giving self-copulation some thought, I decided it’s not worth my time arguing with an angry bowling pin about why people voted for Greg Gianforte in Montana. I’ll let smart guys like LaTray figure out why the dummies won.

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