Why Was I Kept From Attending This Event Today?

by Travis Mateer

The people who keep telling you, the tax-paying public, that we better get this crisis mill levy passed OR ELSE got a reprieve from having to deal with me today thanks to a staff member at the ZACC telling me I wasn’t allowed to attend.

Why wasn’t I allowed to attend? I was told verbally by this staff member that she was
“alone”, which I took to mean the only paid staff on-hand, and because of this, she explained, she simply couldn’t handle “an incident”.

Which begs the question, why would she expect “an incident”?

One of the biggest supporters of this mill levy has turned into one of the fiercest trench-fighters on its behalf. Let’s see if you can guess who I’m talking about by me using a quote from this NBC Montana piece:

The panel went in-depth on why they believe the crisis services levy would benefit Missoula in the long run and what would happen if it isn’t approved.

“We’re going to have some tough decisions to make. We’re going to lose some great services, so I can’t say that there’s a backup plan, but some of these programs will go away,” said Susan Hay Patrick, CEO of United Way.

It’s kind of ironic I’m using an NBC Montana article, considering it was an NBC Montana reporter who confirmed what I suspected about this person’s capacity for nasty, asymmetrical attacks–like telling this reporter untrue and, dare I say, defamatory things about me.

Another BIG problem with what happened today is the fact it wasn’t just me who got denied access to an event billed as “open to the public”. I was going to have, on the phone, the sister of Sean Stevenson listening to the panel of specialists, but obviously that didn’t happen.

If you haven’t heard me reference Sean’s name before you’re probably new to this blog, so let me briefly say that Sean’s death was a major catalyst for the work I’m doing now, and the questions his family have about what REALLY happened to him persist.

As for me, while I have my suspicions about what is happening, and why, it might not be until a process of discovery begins that I’ll be able to more concretely point to the efforts to keep me and what I know from making those in positions of power and influence uncomfortable.

To make a contribution to what might become my legal fund, the donation button is at my about page.

Be safe out there, and thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to Why Was I Kept From Attending This Event Today?

  1. TC says:

    Cant have the narrative questioned! In every report about this levy and its supporters there are a lot of “Coulds”. As in here is a list of agencies/orgs. this levy Could support. As in, passing this levy Could save money. Not passing this levy Could cause hard decisions.
    This is the smoke and mirrors of this issue – none of those in power really have a plan that will reasonably work. Therefore, they resort to throwing more money at it in the hope that it Could just all go away.
    A levy with no cap (it WILL go up in price), no sunset (will go forever – unlike AARPA $) and no designated amounts to designated recipients ensures mismanagement and poor results.
    But lets cross our fingers, keep telling partial truths (and outright falsehoods) and prevent any dissension – if we do this levy Could actually pass

  2. webdoodle says:

    So the Engen Censorship Oligarch has evolved into the Hess Censorship Regime. Not surprised at all. They’ve been abusing citizens 1st Amendment Rights since they illegally arrested Brandon Bryant for speaking his mind at a public Shitty Council Meeting. Then they over reacted, and they had the police conduct a show of force right before one of the last publicly open city council meetings. After that they hid behind the zoom mute button.

    What are we to do? Attempt a protest that the corporate media will ignore? Elon can’t buy up all the corporate media shills. Where is our magical Billionaire to restore our 1st Amendment Rights here?

    You should have recorded the incident so we would know who the enemy here really is. Use there own social shaming against them. Don’t let them off so easy next time.

  3. John Kevin Hunt says:

    I hope you’re keeping a journal of these episodes. Evidence for a defamation lawsuit by you seems to be accumulating. It would be interesting to hear what the lone table person at ZACC would say if she got a cold call from a lawyer asking where she got the impression that your presence might cause “an incident,” and to learn what she meant by “incident.” Maybe the source of her concern is SHP; perhaps it’s sequelae of last year’s bullhorn session near United Way.

    Hess, et al definitely are into controlling/squelching citizen comments at City Council meetings. INTERIM Mayor Hess makes up rules but backs down when called BS to his face. Stacie Anderson has two meetings in a row called Point of Order on me during my comments.

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