Giving Away Your Data To Games That Groom So Technocratic Sociopaths Can Get To Know You Better

by Travis Mateer

I’m a curious person, so groups of people walking around in downtown Missoula, dressed like characters from Alice in Wonderland and staring at their phones, piqued my interest.

So I asked, and found out, that today, September 10th, in downtown Missoula, a dark conspiracy is afoot, and a bunch of oblivious idiots think their geo-caching fun is without strings.

From the link:

Alice is trapped in Wonderland and time is running out to save her!

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and enter a topsy-turvy world of adventure, intrigue and impossible things at this immersive Alice in Wonderland event.

For one day only, the streets of Missoula, MT will be transforming into a giant, escape-room-style experience on Saturday, September the 10th, 2022. Don’t be late!

Solve clues which just get curiouser and curiouser, take on mad and mischievous challenges, and uncover a dark conspiracy at the heart of Wonderland.

Ok. Have fun out there in fantasy geo-caching land, morons.

For those of you who know that REAL conspiracies exist, and that REAL people are suffering at the hands of those who are supposed to help, next week will have more revelations.

Until then, have fun–maybe the kind that doesn’t assist technocratic sociopaths in their mad-hatter ambition to control all facets of life on this planet.

Just a thought.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to Giving Away Your Data To Games That Groom So Technocratic Sociopaths Can Get To Know You Better

  1. John Kevin Hunt says:

    That’s an awfully harsh indictment of people who are simply enjoying themselves for one effing day. I’ve tried shaming people into paying attention; it rarely is effective. Cintinuing to undig and expose truth will reap successes.

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