Liz Cheney, Gwen Jones…And The Inevitable Mike Nugent?

by Travis Mateer

I know the conventional wisdom would be to see Liz Cheney and Gwen Jones as peas in different political pods, but I’m not so sure that’s true. What IS true is Liz Cheney got her marching orders yesterday from a pissed off electorate that sees the January 6th committee hearing for the charade that it is.

Since Gwen Jones has no hope of winning a city-wide election, and since I’m too tired to give much thought right now about who is sharpening their knives for the mayoral banquet, here is a list Greg Strandberg came up with:

My first question, looking at this list, is do any of these people even WANT the job? Beyond that, I’m hearing some chatter putting Nugent’s name on the short list, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

The bigger question is this: where’s the venue for the funeral, and how many people will be there?

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4 Responses to Liz Cheney, Gwen Jones…And The Inevitable Mike Nugent?

  1. webdoodle says:

    The charade of the shitty council selecting our new mayor with a perfectly valid election cycle coming in less that 2 months is deplorable. If they want to select someone for 2 months, then fine, but why should we let their puppet play so long? Why can’t we have a full election? Worried Elder will win?

    I hope Jacob Elder takes legal action as this is becoming the defacto political strategy of the Democrats; instead of electing people, they use dark ages era rules to put their guy (or gal) in office; John Walsh, Kathleen Jenks, etc.

    I guess if they are successful in shoehorning in another puppet, hopefully it will be another plagerer like Walsh, who will be easily defeated in 2 years.

    • Pete Talbot says:

      Because federal elections are held on even-numbered years and municipal elections are held on odd-numbered years, webdoodle. You can’t just capriciously mix the two. It’s in the Montana Codes Annotated.

      • Pete Talbot says:

        Update: I should have written federal elections AND Montana (governor, tier B, PSC, etc.) elections are held on even-numbered years, municipal on odd-numbered. That’s also in the Missoula City Charter. However, one can put local bond issues on even-year ballots but it’s past the deadline for those.

  2. Nope, Greg. You got one right: Mike “The Nuge” Nugent (not sure if he wants it, but he seems to be signaling quite a bit lately)

    Webdoodle, Talbot is correct that the City Charter governs the manner of selecting an interim mayor to serve out the unexpired portion of term of the Mayor no longer in office. The fine procedural details are in City council Rule #31 implementing that City Charter provision..

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