A Governor Who Blames Biden For Not Securing Our Southern Border Can’t Secure His Own Counties

by Travis Mateer

Montana’s Governor, Greg Gianforte, is acknowledging there’s a drug crisis, and he’s acknowledging it has something to do with cartels on the other end of America’s southern border because that allows him to blame President Biden.

The drugs Steve and Greg are taking photo-ops about–I wonder HOW they enter Big Sky country? Could they, the drugs, come by means of motorized vehicles? Perhaps on Interstate 90, from western distribution centers, like Yakima?

Yes, drugs, like people, travel on roads, and I-90 is a serious one that goes over serious mountains. On the Idaho side, it’s Shoshone County; on the Montana side, it’s Mineral County.

What does Greg Gianforte know about securing Montana’s WESTERN border? Has he chatted with his Attorney General, Austin Knudsen, about whether or not the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office is capable of competently protecting Montanans from OUTSIDE threats?

Behind the scenes there are some big things moving, and they should be. Because here are some of the meta-questions to ponder as multiple letters circulate that will challenge your concept of law and order.

What do you do if a top-level law enforcement figure REFUSES to do his/her job? And what do you do if the state oversight agency refuses to do theirs? Same for the Feds? Do you Mandamus the sons of bitches?

I’m not going to wade into the murky legal waters that Mandamus’ing seems to be. Instead I’ll ask another question: remember those two autopsies I wrote about nearly a month ago, on August 2nd? Yep, STILL not released.

Maybe Sheriff candidate for Mineral County, Ryan Funke, can do a campaign video about how kick-ass his coroner skills are. When I wrote the post titled A Failure For Sheriff, A Grim Reaper As Deputy, And The Media Who Promotes Their Twisted Version Of Reality I didn’t realize Deputy Funke ALSO writes kick-ass death certificates.

Now, to conclude this post, I’m not going to make any audacious claims, like Funke is pals with DB. But I will leave readers with a little tune. Enjoy!

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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