Because Refugees Won’t Get All Uppity Like Disgruntled Locals

by Travis Mateer

The title of this post, in my humble estimation, is an unspoken benefit of replacing local Missoulians with desperate refugees from the places our foreign policy is fucking up. That desperation will equate to gratitude at being some of the lucky few who get to escape, and those who are THAT grateful for their new lives will definitely NOT get all uppity, unlike disgruntled locals.

Here’s some of the liberal savior content (only slightly different than Christian conservative savior content) from the tone-deaf International Resettlement Agency office in Missoula as delivered by the dedicated stenographer of liberal talking points, Martin “Gomer” Kidston:

As the humanitarian crisis builds, President Joe Biden this week placed a new wave of sanctions on Russia and pledged to welcome up to 100,000 refugees into the U.S. Some of them are expected to land in Missoula in the coming weeks and months.

Eamon Fahey, deputy director of the International Rescue Committee’s office in Missoula, said they’re ready to get to work.

“It likely means we’re going to be welcoming some Ukrainians to the community, and a lot sooner than I had expected,” Fahey said. “I certainly thought we’d see some folks displaced by the conflict over there, but this just means it’s going to happen sooner than expected. This is becoming very local. We’re going to be helping place displaced people from that conflict in our community.”

My intolerant, knee-jerk reaction is to tell Eamon Fahey to go fuck himself, but that’s not very constructive. Instead I’ll remind readers of a different kind of fucking that occurred recently, and that’s the non-consensual fucking allegedly done by an Afghan refugee last October.

Missoula’s liberal savior class–who I assume are eagerly anticipating what kind of food trucks Ukrainian refugees can deliver to Saturday markets–are probably hoping the dumb public just forgets that little incident. And if they don’t, well, let’s see how many of ’em can continue to afford to live in this valley as refugees from places like Ukraine, Afghanistan, California and Seattle resettle here.

To help with the disgruntlement of replacing locals with desperate foreigners during a housing crisis, the Missoulian has a fresh piece of pro-refugee propaganda by Zoe Buchli, titled ‘A Bright Future’: Afghan refugee shares journey of resettlement to Missoula. Here’s the part where the family gets help finding housing:

Once they arrived in Montana, Sakha’s family worked with the IRC in Missoula to find housing. The four bounced around from hotels to temporary housing before landing in a two-bedroom apartment in the South Hills. Since then, they’ve settled into a spacious single-family home they’re renting in the Franklin to the Fort neighborhood.

Isn’t that nice? Meanwhile, our homeless population continues to proliferate while societal ills, like drug abuse, are leading to more and more young women getting drugged downtown. And while this is happening, Missoula’s elite brain trust continue depicting the public (who hasn’t been replaced yet) as borderline retarded when it comes to cognitively grasping the complexity of Tax Increment Financing.

“We are embarking on a communication campaign to help educate Missoulians and our surrounding residents about how it works,” said Dunn. “Then hopefully they can understand it better, and then when they’re educated about it and see what kind of things we can do with tax increment then everybody can have their own opinion and have their judgments, but I think it’s important to educate yourself before you have those opinions.”

Yes, that’s right, the MRA Business Manager, Jil Dunn, doesn’t think you fucking dummies should have an opinion until you get EDUCATED by their new propaganda graphic and other “teaching” tools.

Resisting the urge to tell Jil Dunn to go fuck herself, I’ll instead point to MY teaching tool, the three-part docu-series about Mayor Engen’s use of Tax Increment Financing, titled Engen’s Missoula.

With new spring growth pushing through the thawing earth, now’s as good a time as any to inoculate yourselves against Ellen Buchanan’s MRA coercion campaign.

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  1. TC says:

    Once again I stand in complete admiration of Mary Poole. Per her past quotes, she did not want her child to grow up surrounded by only (mostly) hetero white Montana kids. Rather, she wanted her child to be surrounded by a multi-cultural, multi-gendered population of non-Montanans.
    Now, if most Montanans sought out that sort of existence they would move their family to such a place (Seattle, Houston, New York, etc). However, Ms Poole has been able to bend reality to her own specific whim. She has been able to remain in Missoula but bring in all the elements it lacked culturally. For that force of will she should be truly applauded.

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