A New Year For Missoula Narrative Controllers To Ignore The Cold Reality Of Truth

by Travis Mateer

I’m writing this missive with the new year just three hours old. And it’s COLD outside. A mere 9 degrees, by my thermostat’s estimation.

There’s nothing like a cold, sleepless New Year’s morning before the sun even rises to make one appreciate living inside and having heat. I ALSO appreciate that the authority to displace me from my warmth is not as tenuous as a renter of a warm box managed by the soulless urchins at Plum property management.

Since I’ve had to deal with these fuckers before (in a professional capacity) I wasn’t surprised to see this December 31st tweet from a Missoula local about her rent getting jacked.

Sadly, the ire of this Twittiot is directed toward the Republican Governor, who was sworn into office last year, and NOT Mayor Engen, who has been in his position for 16 years.

BEHOLD THE POWER of the narrative controllers!

How do they accomplish such feats of avoiding accountability for failure?

Perhaps its by employing professional ninjas of distraction who blur the lines between their County COMMS job and the tedious banality of thinking, writing, then publishing tweets like this:

As a communications coordinator for Missoula County, it’s @MissoulaAF’s job to take what’s natural–human to human communication–and render it something else–power to peon communication. This comes in many forms now, but used to be conventional things, like press releases to local media.

No press release from Missoula County will be announcing the end of homelessness in 2022–the TENTH YEAR of that infamous TEN YEAR PLAN to end homelessness–and no headlines from local media will be calling for the figurative heads of public officials and non-profit influencers who have failed so spectacularly to do anything other than find scapegoats to avoid the pitchforks.

Because there’s more important things to think about for publishers of failing newspapers getting sued by Alden capital.

The cold reality of truth is the monopoly money all these grifters have been selling out for is a ponzi-scheme run by sociopaths, and even a conniving handler of a top-tier honeypot with the last name Maxwell is being publicly retired to avoid further damage to these self-anointed masters of the universe.

2020 was THEIR vision for humanity. 2022 needs to be humanity’s CLEAR response. And there’s no better place to start than your own backyard.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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1 Response to A New Year For Missoula Narrative Controllers To Ignore The Cold Reality Of Truth

  1. webdoodle says:

    I saw an article on Missoula County Tyranny saying they had previewed your documentary, Engen’s Missoula. In it they said that it would be available for streaming, along with a showing at a church.

    I’m wondering if you would also host it as a download on bit torrent? Streaming is great, but what if they can pressure your streaming partner into taking it down? Just a thought to block their opportunities for censorship, which Engen now blatantly abuses in City Council meetings.

    In any case, I look forward to seeing it on the ‘big screen’.

    Happy New Year!

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