If I Stop Creating Content, Like Daily Blog Posts, You’ll Have Luddites Like Alison McDowell And “Stephers” To Thank

by Travis Mateer

While I don’t have immediate plans to stop writing daily blog posts, the reality I’m facing as the new year approaches is this: how do I get paid for what I’m creating?

Content creators who don’t shy away from controversial subjects have been on the receiving end of tactics that are tantamount to economic warfare for years now, and without new methods of monetization, like the crypto-based platform, Rokfin, people like Jason Bermas and Ryan Christian wouldn’t have the financial support to continue their work.

Amidst these deplatforming financial attacks from online behemoths like Youtube, the last thing content creators need are attacks from supposed allies in the truth-telling movement. Cue Alison McDowell, the Neo-Luddite researcher who continues taking shots at Derrick Broze.

These continued attacks from McDowell and her followers are worse than counterproductive; they help the predator class by unrealistically demanding the denial of ANY role for blockchain technology and crypto-currencies in the movement to resist authoritarianism.

I’m hoping to get on Rokfin as a content creator next year AND I have a small amount of Bitcoin as a hedge against fiat madness. In Alison McDowell’s Neo-Luddite world, these actions make me a bad person in need of being blocked and cancelled.

Another blogger in Alison’s corner is “Stephers” who writes at Mark Tokarski’s site, Piece of Mindful. Here’s Stephers echoing McDowell’s attacks on Derrick Broze:

How do these Luddites expect me to get to a sustaining level of financial compensation for my content creation? Am I supposed to be grateful for the meager handouts I get from sporadic donations, like some digital panhandler? Because that’s not sustainable for me.

When I saw this latest eruption break out on Twitter, I reached out to Derrick Broze for an interview and hope to connect with him in the next few months to discuss the deflationary pressure of this in-fighting. I’ve seen similar situations develop within local activist circles as well, which I’ll be discussing in further detail next year.

In the meantime, how about a poem? I call this one DIVIDER.

Alison no son of all
getting pissed she takes her ball
and will not talk like an adult
preferring anti-crypto cults

division benefits the eye
she ain't dumb, but is she sly?
or does Diego have his hands
inside her secret pocket plans?

I dunno, she banned my ass
wrenching allies really fast 
words are fine, but I watch acts
from this valley of attacks 

where Philly is worlds away
from mountains where the money plays
Alison, drop the baggage, man
time is short for taking stands 

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to If I Stop Creating Content, Like Daily Blog Posts, You’ll Have Luddites Like Alison McDowell And “Stephers” To Thank

  1. Greg Strandberg says:

    If you wanted to make money, I’d suggest getting a job. You haven’t had one in over 2 years.

    If you wanted to make money in Bitcoin, you should have gotten in last year at this time, or at least with the huge correction we saw in May.

    The idea that you’ll make money from this site is silly. It’s a WordPress site. You recently changed the name of the site, ensuring it’ll take Google even more time to recognize it.

    Honestly…are you going the way of Pogreba? Because he felt his words weren’t enough and he always wanted to change.

    • I was going to discuss opportunities when I texted you weeks ago, but you didn’t respond. Too bad, because you might have a better idea of what I’m planning for 2022 had you responded.

      • Bingo says:

        Look at the ninny trying to bash your dreams lol. What is with these people. “Get a job”. They apparently live in a damn bubble. It’s UGLY out there economically. Should you go work at Amazon warehouse?
        Hows about Walmart? Any pittance I can get anonymously and without muss is so helpful, $5 of bitcoin multiplied.

        I’m totally with you on Alison McDowell’s myopic stance on all this. She is well off enough financially to throw the crypto baby out with the bathwater, and overlooks the fact that most people are NOT exploiting children by using crypto that has been around for 10 years. In fact, most of us don’t want the impact investment data mining metaverse hell, we just want options for immediate NEEDS. Most of us are not part of the financial predator class and we are not enabling them by using bitcoin to get support for our work online.

        • Greg Strandberg says:

          I apolize. I’m on a 20-message-work-thread…I hate texts. Of course, that’s an excuse. I see that message now. Wish I saw it earlier.

  2. Travis,

    In response to your article and the comments, do NOT stop writing content whether you are compensated or not. The money is not as important as your perspective and opinions are. If you can sell your creations, well and good. If you have to get a job, it is what it is.

    I repeat, do not stop writing and posting. No matter what.

    Thank you for all you are doing, even if I don’t understand it.

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