Is The Daily Montanan Aware Of Facebook’s “Protected Opinion” Defense As Its Writers Go After Justin Buls, Again?

by Travis Mateer

On November 10th, when the Daily Montanan wrote this article about Justin Buls, the news of Facebook’s “protected opinion” defense had yet to break, allowing the following smear by Darrell Ehrlick to hit the internets without a second thought (emphasis mine):

A medical doctor affiliated with the University of Montana’s physician training program and who has been given “time-outs” on Facebook for spreading misinformation as well as calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be “executed for the crimes he has committed on humanity” will continue to teach through the university.

With this claim in mind, let’s take a look at what Facebook had to admit three days ago:

Facebook admitted that its so-called “fact-checking” program is actually cranking out opinions used to censor certain viewpoints.

In its latest legal battle with TV journalist John Stossel over a post about the origins of the deadly 2020 California forest fires, Facebook, now rebranded and referred to as “Meta,” claims that its “fact-checking” program should not be the target of a defamation suit because its attempts to regulate content are done by third-party organizations who are entitled to their “opinion.”

Unfortunately for Justin Buls, the Daily Montanan didn’t get the memo that Facebook’s claims are a bunch of shit. Here’s how Buls’ name is being dragged into ANOTHER story, this one written by Keila Szpaller (her name is misspelled in Gomer’s version of her byline):

The letter identified Bobby Hauck, head coach of the University of Montana Grizzlies, as a signer; the Daily Montanan could not immediately reach Hauck on Wednesday morning to confirm he had signed. The letter also noted Justin Buls, a West Valley school board trustee, as a signer; Buls is a doctor who promoted content about the COVID-19 vaccine that was flagged as misinformation by Facebook and whose postings included syringes arranged in the shape of a swastika.

Again, the bold part is mine, and it’s THAT continued use of Facebook’s claim that Justin Buls was spreading misinformation I would be contacting a lawyer about, if I was Buls.

While local media focuses on signatories of Arntzen’s support petition, a non-profit is literally BEGGING news outlets to depict Arntzen supporters as extremists.

I contacted MHRN recently to inquire about the relationship between their politicized “non-profit” and the State Representative, Danny Tenenbaum, who I filed a police report on for sneaking into Crosspoint Church and secretly recording what transpired. I haven’t heard back yet.

If you’re on the fence about the political focus of “news” outlets like the Daily Montanan and “non-profit” organizations like MHRN, I’ll echo the plea above with my own: critical thinkers, PLEASE make the connection between these organizations and their political priorities, because challenging the power structure in Missoula as it relates to the bodies of dead black men is NOT one of them.

Thanks for reading.

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