Did State Rep. Danny Tenenbaum Break The Law By Secretly Recording Events At Crosspoint Church?

by Travis Mateer

I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know the answer to the question posed by the title of this post. What I DO KNOW is that I filed a police report last Wednesday against the Representative of House District 95 for secretly recording the events of November 1st at Crosspoint Church despite obvious signage clearly forbidding this action.

Here is Rep. Tenenbaum after he posted the illicit footage on Twitter:

Filing a police report (2021-45445) is just the first step I plan on taking to hold this public official accountable for his actions. I will ALSO be exploring my options with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and COPP because, if Danny Tenenbaum is an active lawyer, he should be following shit like this:

Another thing I’m curious about is Rep. Tenenbaum’s relationship with the Montana Human Rights Network. For a little context about my interactions with MHRN, here is a post from this summer, titled Why Is The Montana Human Rights Network More Interested In A Broken Window Than The Death Of Sean Stevenson In Missoula?

And here is another post where I tried to provide MHRN intern, Maggie Bornstein, with A Teachable Moment after she used information gleaned from her position at MHRN to politically attack Mayoral candidate Jacob Elder in a public letter to the editor.

While I’ve been warning about the ends-justifying-the-means approach to activism by people like Danny and Maggie, the organization ignoring dead black men in Missoula is VERY WORRIED that parents like me are a part of a MOVEMENT.

Here’s Travis McAdam, the same dude who had no problem with his own intern doing activist shit with her MHRN data, raising the warning flag about parents who think they have “rights” when it comes to their own fucking children:

Travis McAdam, with the Montana Human Rights Network, said the parental rights movement isn’t new and has percolated amongst anti-government groups for years. The movement has resurfaced recently as frustrations mount over the pandemic and its restrictions. After the Montana Legislature took action to limit the power of local health boards, he said the fight to rally conservatives shifted to school boards.

McAdam is the director of combating white nationalism and defending Democracy at the Montana Human Rights Network and has been with the group for 20 years.

“Parental rights have become another tool to recruit community members to show up and protest mask mandates and other things,” McAdam said. “Extremist anti-government folks like Ammon Bundy have seized upon the pandemic as a divisive issue to come into communities and further the division and recruit new members.”

Right now the focus over what happened at Crosspoint Church on November 1st is on the lawyer who made a dumb quip that he has since apologized for. That might change as I explore my legal options to hold State Rep. Tenenbaum accountable for HIS ACTIONS on that day.

Or maybe not.

In all the reporting that has since occurred about what happened at Crosspoint Church, NOT ONE MEDIA OUTLET mentioned MY questions to Elsie Arntzen about Grace Decker’s conflict of interest when it comes to her school-board position, her paid work at United Way of Missoula County, and her political Facebook activity.

I’m sure the makeup of United Way’s board has nothing to do with it.

When you have a newly elected City Council member as your board president, and Jim Strauss of the Missoulian, well, is it any wonder why some stuff DOES NOT GET REPORTED?

Yes, I know, it’s mystifying, especially when Jim Strauss is such a LOVER of community journalism that makes a difference.

Look at that pale-skinned mug, that is the face of corporate narrative control, and how this works is community influencers, like Susan Hay Patrick, get to bleed ink about how their 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness is NOT a tremendous failure.

Meanwhile, people like me–a parent and citizen journalist trying to make sense of virtue-signalers ignoring dead black men in Missoula–are depicted by the narrative controllers as frustrated suckers being lured in to a “movement” by white supremacists.

Yes, and Virginia went red because white suburban moms are RACIST and NOT WORRIED about convicted felons trying to jab their kids with needles.

I’m going to leave it there, for now.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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17 Responses to Did State Rep. Danny Tenenbaum Break The Law By Secretly Recording Events At Crosspoint Church?

  1. TC says:

    Your post gives a very good Cliff Notes version of City incestuousness. We will highlight our newest Council member – President of United Way Board/Realtor/and son of current City Attorney (a City Attorney that has been in place since 1977!!!) to illustrate this point

    • I just sent Elise Guest an email letting her know that due to her position on the United Way board, I’m adding her to my list of potentially corrupt individuals protecting people like Grace Decker from being held accountable for clear conflicts of interest.

  2. Greg Strandberg says:

    Good luck. I filed a COPP campaign violation against the Mike Cooney campaign in ’20, when they failed to report how they were paying campaign staff. It was viewed as a joke, thrown out. Everyone who follows MT politics knows that COPP is a joke…handing out fines typically 2 years after the violation. The office is a complete failure, and a total waste of money ($136,000 a year).

    • I agree with your cynicism, but the steps must be made nonetheless so that when the predictable outcome occurs, the effort can be referenced as other methods of protecting my unalienable rights are considered.

  3. I just called the city attorney’s office to get an update on my case (which is still being “reviewed”) and because I wasn’t able to 100% contain my frustration I was told I was being “combative”.

    I can’t imagine why a parent like me, being depicted in local media as a white supremacist because I’m standing up for my parental rights, would be frustrated at the slow wheels of the criminal justice system at work.

    • Concern Troll says:

      Where in local media have you been portrayed as a white supremacist? Source? What media? Facebook, Twitter? I don’t think anyone thinks you’re a white supremacist but an irrational conspiracy minded self delusional anarchist more likely.

  4. Travis says:

    have you thought about getting into meditation instead of losing your mind by being online all of the time?

  5. UPDATE: nothing will be pursued by the city attorney’s office in relation to my complaint. I got word in the form of a phone message from Missoula PD while recording this week’s podcast episode.

  6. TC says:

    That is an unfortunate and disappointing outcome. However, back to the first post on this thread, you complained about a member of an organization that our newest Council member sits atop of. You complained to his Daddy’s office. And you complained about interconnected Missoula Elite.
    One would hope that local government/media was unbiased but we know differently. The outcome was determined even before you lodged your complaint. It sucks but is the reality.
    Keep on keeping on – perhaps community journalism loving Strauss will release archives that speak truth to power! Hahaha – just kidding!!! Its up to you and those like you to speak truth. It matters!
    Thank you

  7. The simple and sensible anti-masking sentiment of parents, as no science supports the idea, being labeled as white supremicist strikes me as the work of a public relations or advertising firm. These people have professional liars behind them. Can they be audited? That work does not come for free.

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