Blue Line Development’s Larchmont Golf Course Scheme And Rep. Danny Tenenbaum’s Curious Support

by Travis Mateer

When State Representative Danny Tenenbaum isn’t sneaking into churches to break the law and leveraging public money to make trains quieter for the affluent Rattlesnake neighborhood, he’s opining on the need to transform Larchmont golf course into housing.

Before getting to Tenenbaum’s support for aiding and abetting Blue Line’s golf/housing scheme, I’d like to first provide an image of House District 95. Why? Because that’s Tenenbaum’s district, and it very clearly DOES NOT INCLUDE Larchmont golf course:

Now, with that established, let’s see what Danny Tenenbaum has to say about this VERY UNPOPULAR scheme to build a NEW golf course by highway 93 on the land currently being used for the Transitional Safe Outdoor Space so that THOUSANDS of housing units can be built on Larchmont land, which is owned by the County.

Rep. Danny Tenenbaum, D-Missoula, has been vocal about finding solutions to affordable housing–including using land currently used by golf courses as part of a solution.

“It’s a question of priorities. On one hand, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to end our housing shortage, an opportunity that includes a major addition of permanently affordable homes for low-income families under the community land trust model,” Tenenbaum said in an emailed statement to the Missoulian. “Or we can keep the parcel as a money-losing golf course, subsidized by all of us but only enjoyed by a few.”

Yes, even though this isn’t a part of his district, Tenenbaum is PASSIONATE about telling us how to make more housing in Missoula. This must come from his vast experience of having lived in Montana for SIX WHOLE YEARS after he and his wife decided to flee the “rat race” in New York City.

For more on this big life change that has given Missoula the gift of a socialist State Rep. who once worked for the Department of Homeland Security, here’s an article from the Missoulian about Danny’s wife explaining how they came to Montana from New York:

After growing up in Brooklyn and graduating from Columbia University, Tenenbaum said she and her husband Danny decided that once he graduated from New York University’s law school that they wanted to move out West.

“We were done with New York, done with that rat race,” she said.

Yep, that New York rat race can be a real downer, so how nice for the Tenenbaums to flee west where they can become local influencers, making trains quiet for rich people and shaming golfers into providing Blue Line Development with a HUGE payday.

I guess this is all in a day’s work for a former New York Homeland Security guy who realized in Montana he DOES NOT HAVE TO WEAR A TIE! (emphasis mine):

After a stint in Colorado, where her husband worked as a public defense attorney, the couple moved to St. Ignatius in spring 2015 when Danny secured a fellowship through NYU to work with the reservation’s public defense office.

“He saw that (attorneys) wore jeans and button-down shirts and said. ‘No suit, no tie? I’m in’,” Tenenbaum said. “I had never been to Montana but as soon as I saw it I was like, yes.”

This former New Yorker who can’t restrain his desire to tell people what to do with public money and county land, and who apparently doesn’t care about sneaking into churches to secretly record events, is fully on my radar now as another craven member of Missoula pantheon of corruption.

Welcome to the club, Danny. I plan on making your time here in Missoula as ENLIGHTENING as I possibly can.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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13 Responses to Blue Line Development’s Larchmont Golf Course Scheme And Rep. Danny Tenenbaum’s Curious Support

  1. TC says:

    The smugness and self righteousness of the Missoula Liberal Elite never fails to amaze. They mostly have relocated here recently (relative term) and proclaim their love of this new found Nirvana . Yet it doesnt take long before these Coastals to realize that they actually miss their former urban selfs and start to try to remake Missoula in the image of what they tried to escape. Because they view long time locals as rubes, rednecks or just plain uneducated these modern day carpet baggers set themselves on their grift (which they excuse by painting “as the greater good”). Because there is a community of like minded (just go to the GFS) they are quickly accepted and thrust into power positions to began the “education” of the great unwashed blue collar locals.
    So welcome aboard “Danny” (so cutesy and hip for a grown man)! You will fit right in with those that have previously blazed this trail – the Ellens, Gwens, Ellies, Emilys…….

  2. webdoodle says:

    It’s no surprise that Missoula City Attorney Jim Nugent was reluctant to pursue charges against Tenenbaum. You should contact Montana State Attorney General Austin Knudsen instead.

  3. Danny's bro says:

    Montana law protects recording conversations without notice, with exceptions. Arntzen was a public official speaking at a public event.

    MCA 45-8-213. Privacy in communications:

    (2) (a) Subsection (1)(c) [prohibition of recording conversations without notice] does not apply to:: ii) persons speaking at public meetings;

    If you think Danny broke a law, please cite the law. Or just stfu.

    • The church itself undermined any case I might have by posting a recording of the event.

      As for STFU, not going to happen, but thanks for anonymously sticking up for New York Danny.

      • That the church posted a recording of the event has zero relevance to the question of whether an attendee violated the a criminal statute by surreptitiously recording the event. But as noted by webdoodle and Danny’s Bro, no notice to others present is required in order to record a public meeting. So, the sole question is whether this was a “public meeting,” which by all indications it was. This is a good thing for citizen journalists and political cynics.

  4. Concern Troll says:

    Why does it matter where someone is from Travis? You yourself are not from Missoula. How long does someone have to live here to be considered a Missoulian? Should we call you Travis? Childish name calling.

    • I’m glad you’re still reading, maybe you’ll learn something. For example, tomorrow I’ll be posting something a little different about the Weird Northwest. I was born in Spokane and am increasingly fascinated by this whole region, which I’ve called New Cascadia in a work of fiction.

      And you can call me whatever you want. It’s still a free country, right? At least that is what I’m going to be fighting for, to keep this place free. And I’ll be doing it under my REAL name and in person, where all my charms and skills can be put to use 😉

  5. Concern Troll says:

    *Should we call you Travis (Insert state or city name)?

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  7. It appears you may really be onto something big here. If objective evidence corroborates the parts that are innuendo, this would be the kind of “smoking gun” that Missoulians need to know about. What are needed in order to transform this from the sardonic, vague allegations of a political cynic, are a hyperbole-free narrative video and a Power Point production that rely upon documents and close affiliations to make a persuasive case for the existence of corruption or, at minimum, outrageous profiteering obscured by “affordable housing” public policy wrapping paper. Danny is a politician and public figure, meaning he’d have a Syssiphean task suing for defamation based on a blog post, but “corruption” has a definition that is somewhat broad, encompassing conduct ranging from fraud, bribery, graft, extortion, etc., to that which is not criminal but is nonetheless unethical, unscrupulous, nefarious, “shady” or dishonest. With regard to an individual, it describes one who has, or displays, a willingness or propensity to act dishonestly in return for money or other personal gain, or more generally, one who is “morally depraved” or “evil.” Using the term too loosely, too often, vitiates one’s credibility.

    What requires research and investigation (which you’ve done to varying degrees already, with regard to Blue Line, for example), is a small, collective/collaborative effort not driven by partisan ideology, that doggedly researches and collects records, news stories, financial data, property conveyance and ownership filings, alter ego artifices (i.e. LLCs, corporations, etc.). A physical and virtual “war room” and “big board” (a la the kind used by law enforcement task forces, with photos of players, cards with descriptive information abiout individuals, alter egos and acts or circumtances, connected by lines labelled to identify nature of affiliations, etc.) is needed.

    It’s too much for one person, not merely from a time aspect, but also from the aspect of access to persons who can provide confidential leads and information.

    It’s essential that those who undertake the project do so without reservations concerning where and to whom the investigation leads. The participants should by consensus adopt minimal standards for deeming information obtained reliable enough for ultimate publication. Information gathered in the course of the effort should not be published or leaked prematurely.

    I know of at least one person (who has a reputation of integrity) already undertaking a similar endeavor. I think that it would be constructive for that person, you and I, too convene privately. I think that five or six persons are needed to get this investigative work done in a proper and expeditious manner.

    The working hypothesis — that the proposal for “affordable housing” development of County-owned Larchmont Golf Course is part of a “scheme” (i.e., a common plan involving several “plotters”) to enrich various parties (such as Blue Line) and other unidentified developers including those who would create a new golf course on property currently being used for TSOS — must be thoroughly and expeditiously investigated and reduced to a cogent, concise and meticulously documented form for public hearing presentation and online dissemination, if there is to be any serious possibility of putting brakes on this proposal and exposing that which may be currently cloaked in darkness.

    There is a cogent and rational narrative advanced for the proposal, that will (contrary, I submit, to what you’ve said here) prove to be very popular — in the absence of unimpeachable evidence that would disabuse a majority of residents of the belief in the utilitarian value of the proposal derived from uncritical deference to buzzwords and platitudes.

  8. TC says:

    It was wonderful to see “concern troll” and “danny’s bro” fire out quickly for the pro gentrification, tech moneyed group. I know they are shit upon so much – just look at how much flack Jeff Bezos gets while trying to make the world better while riding a giant dick into space. Uncalled for people!!
    I think “Danny” is the one that Missoula has been waiting for! Finally a New Yorker can come in and tell the rubes of Montana how society works. Finally the Gilded will bestow their benevolent takes upon us , the great unwashed. And if we disagree with New York think, thankfully there are hype men to shout us down and steer us toward “right” think. Thankfully thats not Orwellian at all!
    So im grateful that our “danny” has made us see the wrongs of our ways (after all who even plays golf – i mean other than those 45,000 thousand a year Republicans)
    I would say thank God for danny but then realized that would be offensive. So ill say thank Gaia – hopefully that passes concern trolls woke test. Nut yeah – thank you danny for making Missoula a better place -more like New York (you lnow the place you left)
    Also – just a thought – a grown ass man going by “danny”? Seems very much a child pretending to be a grown-up. A man child if you will. But if thats hip in New York hopefully you can make that hip here in Montana. I look forward to a world of Jordys, Tommys, Mikeys, and Kevs, Skys, Bris, and just symbols. Yep – all of you make Missoula, Montana and the USA better (as long as we never go to war and have to rely on a Riyder). Thanks “Danny”

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