A Song For Danny Do-Do

by William Skink

Ah, yes, the Skink. And his tendency to verse. Can my poetic alter-ego help it if the name Danny and the many character iterations it produces is fodder for my muse?

The song:

The words:

sheep-dipped Democrat
New York born
Homeland Security
weaponized scorn

free the car pirate!
like Indiana Jones
and loud train horns?
leave Rattlesnake alone!

two hundred grand
to make them shut up
good job, Gwen
your ears had enough!

it's Engen's Missoula
the actors are set
with their safety scissors
and their holy net

zoo town, garden city
pardon my spit but
those left remaining
can't swallow more shit

too bad glad handers
and mayor bloat
had crafty stowaways 
who pooped in their boat

this here's their story
better pay heed
or your town could catch
their TIF-sniff scheme

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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1 Response to A Song For Danny Do-Do

  1. Dennis Gene Flagen says:

    I did some back of envelope figuring regarding the $200,000 spent to save the delicate eardrums of the citizens of lower Rattlesnake. I have a friend in Missoula who pays $1,200. a month for a modest apartment and works two jobs at $10 hour and basically scrapes by. Why can’t this city do something for those folks that still have a roof over their head and are working but never can really get ahead. How about offer them a bit of relief in form of rebate like $100 which would help 2,000 renters. I know it’s not much but an extra $100 to spend in say groceries would certainly be appreciated. But of course being Missoula a study would be necessary at cost of $20,000, then an administrator would need to be hired at cost of $50,000 certainly would need an assistant costing $30,000 and office space another $10,000 for a year. Leaving about about $90,000 from which taxes and health insurance for the two employees might leave $70,000 to maybe get out in a year. I know this is just a example of a common sense program that in the city of Missoula always ends in the height of the ridiculous.

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