Protecting Rights From Atrophy At The Courthouse Today

by Travis Mateer

Yes, that’s right, I’ll be risking the wrath of Merrick today by going to the Missoula County courthouse to hold a sign. I still have the right to do that, just like Sara still has the right to text me every day, clueless, I guess, that we’ve broken up.

I like chatting with people, so if anyone wants to show up and talk, I’m all for it. But I must warn you that I am UNCLEAN.

I’m not talking about missing my morning shower routine. No, according to the SECOND lawsuit filed to invalidate Montana’s ban on forcing jabs on the unwilling, the Netzer law people on the eastern side of the state want to make sure their working environment is CLEAN. From the link:

The suit, filed Tuesday in state District Court by a law firm with offices in Sidney and Billings, says the new law violates constitutional guarantees to a clean and healthful environment, by prohibiting employers from ensuring their workers and customers are protected from communicable disease.

Because Netzer Law is prohibited from requiring employees to be vaccinated, it is “legally prohibited from taking measure to protect its employees from coming into contact with unvaccinated fellow employees or potential new employees that are unvaccinated, or from unvaccinated members of the public wishing to use their services,” the suit said.

The emphasis on the Nazi-esque part that makes the law firm advocating for medical apartheid sound like the Aryan Brotherhood is all mine.

Anyway, I’m running late, so I gotta wrap up this missive to my unclean brethren before I go meet up with ’em where the injustice peddlers conspire.


About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to Protecting Rights From Atrophy At The Courthouse Today

  1. Today, while over hearing two older men talking about getting their boosters, then seeing an older woman ordering a beer at 11am, I realized a big factor in the sacrifices being made by parents and so many other people is the deep desire of the Boomer generation to extend, however marginally, their long reign of entitlement.

    • Concern Troll says:

      Americans have a right to life, however marginally that might be to your standards. It’s guaranteed by the Constitution. The same document that guarantees your freedom of speech. Is you’re MAGA phone only to be heard over others and drown out their voices?

  2. Unconcerned Troll says:

    Let’s get this straight. You’re going to go and protest Montanan’s ACTUAL WRITTEN RIGHTS in the Montana Constitution to a clean and healthful environment, because they are “Nazi-esque?”

    And this after you REFUSED TO SUPPORT a woman’s right to choose, a Supreme Court ACKNOWLEDGED RIGHT, because they didn’t support your ILLUSORY right to say no to the jab, on this same Courthouse lawn? Where’s that right codified, or in what court decision does that right to say no to the jab exist? Maybe if you VISIBLY SUPPORTED other people’s ACTUAL rights, they’d be more apt to SUPPORT YOU and your DEMAND for bodily autonomy.

    But GO FLY YOUR SIGN if that makes you feel empowered. Add some more photos to your FBI file. Make sure you smile for the video cameras behind the Courthouse windows and speak clearly for the hidden shotgun microphone. Don’t disappoint Merrick and his minions. They’re counting on you!

    • I need the babies to be born so they can experience the joy of the jab so they can be clean and pure in this unclean world. If you see any evidence of inconsistency here, that is due to your lack of belief in the healing powers of Good Pharma.

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