Missoula’s Municipal Primary Election Results

by Travis Mateer

Well, it’s official. Our incumbent Mayor of 16 years is going to be facing off against Jacob Elder, a young marine Veteran who survived being a refugee and graduated law school in order to call everyone who criticizes him a racist on social media.

Even with a compelling personal narrative that should have been like catnip to the virtue signalers, Elder’s campaign has been fraught with allegations of personal misconduct undermining the image Elder has created by plastering his image everywhere, even on some of his yard signs.

Mayor Engen won’t even have to run much of a campaign against this terminally flawed candidate. All he has to do is sit back (in a sturdily built chair) and let his minions do their dirty work.

And they will.

The other primary results worth noting is for the race to represent Ward 1. That showdown will be between Jennifer Savage and Jane VonFossen. Candidate J. Kevin Hunt’s bid to bring his version of progressivism to compete with the fake neoliberal version of our illuminated braintrust was not successful.

J. Kevin Hunt’s failed candidacy could offer an interesting post-mortem for this neoliberal blue enclave in an increasingly red state, mainly this: you can’t oppose a liberal power structure while, at the same time, going along with its pandemic power grab.

If Hunt wants to add his perspective the way he has become accustom to here on my blog, I have reinstated his commenting privileges after banning him earlier this month for not giving me a one-word answer to my simple question DO I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY NO TO A VACCINE?

Tomorrow I’ll be writing about how frustrated our illuminated braintrust is with the “Covid trajectory”. They are VERY WORRIED about people like me, who have not succumbed to the jab yet, and I am similarly worried that I am disappointing them by not getting sick and dying like I should have.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to Missoula’s Municipal Primary Election Results

  1. TC says:

    Isn’t it amusing that our beloved (and 51% approved) has to beg the MRA for money to fund the purchase the Bridge Apartments. It is mind blowing that the Mayor has to ask his personally appointed Board if he can use tax dollars that are otherwise syphoned out of the General Fund. If only he groveled to property tax payers in the same way.
    All hail Queen Ellen – the Grand Decider of “Blight” and Coin of the Realm!!!

  2. Just some guy says:

    The mayoral race is all but over. Engen will pick up 60 percent of the votes cast in the general, despite his waning popularity and a growing dissatisfaction as Missoula slouches ever closer towards its destiny as Portland East. The ground was fertile for regime change. A competent candidate might have found enough votes among conservatives and disenfranchised, populist Democrats to mount a serious challenge. Instead, we have an opposition that makes Lisa Triepke’s run in 2017 seem positively dignified by comparison.

  3. James Kappel says:

    Hello, Has Jacob Elder graduated from Law School? I thought he was a student? Thank you for your responce.

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