I’m Sorry I Didn’t Catch The Covid

by Travis Mateer

Last Wednesday one of my kids tested positive. He had been feeling cruddy since the previous Sunday, so I made some calls.

I wasn’t interested in getting him a PCR test, especially when the person I spoke with had no idea what the cycle threshold meant. I opted for rapid testing at a walk-in clinic instead.

It didn’t take long, and the nurse who administered the swab was nice enough, though she asked me if my kid gets the flu shot. Why is this question being asked? Are they trying to gauge my potential hesitancy?

With the positive test confirmed it was clear what had to happen. The kid was going to wear FIVE masks and we would seal him in his room, only feeding him protein bars that could fit beneath his door.

Just kidding, we didn’t do anything special to sequester him from the rest of the family because we are very stupid people who like to live dangerously.

So, how quickly did this virulent illness spread amongst our family? Did we, the unvaxxed parents, get deathly ill and add to the hospital surge? Remember, our illuminated braintrust is trying to COUNT people like me because of this bullshit:

While Missoula County leads Montana in vaccination rates at around 63% of the eligible population, nearly 40% remain unvaccinated, and local officials are trying to do the math to determine the future costs they’ll possibly incur as unvaccinated individuals get sick.

Well, I’m sorry to report to the Covidians that neither my wife, nor myself, got sick. We are annoyed about cancelling weekend plans, and not happy that our two other kids can’t go to school until 9-18, but other than that, we’re doing just fine.

Keeping my other two kids out of school until 9-18 is the real kicker, but thankfully my family is a financially privileged, two-parent household. How are less privileged families dealing with these ridiculous quarantines?

Helping families deal with this insanity is not a big priority for our illuminated braintrust, especially if they are operating on the faulty assumption that THE UNVAXXED are the biggest threat to our “health” care system.

A threat described like this:

With a population of more than 110,000 people and 40% of it still unvaccinated, tens of thousands remain at risk of contracting Covid. A percent of them will require hospitalization, and some of them will die.

This is such disingenuous crap. Do you know who else is at risk of contracting Covid? People who are vaccinated. Yes, even stupid people like me realize the efficacy of the jab was NEVER about stopping transmission, but reducing the severity of symptoms.

How’s that working for you, vaxxers? Are you excited for the never-ending booster shots? Is it fun being a guinea pigs for Big Pharma?

Don’t worry, haters, there’s still a chance I could get sick and die. And if I do, please, dance upon my grave.

Because life is too precious to waste it living in fear.

Thanks for reading.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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11 Responses to I’m Sorry I Didn’t Catch The Covid

  1. medtech 101 says:

    The incubation time for Covid is up to 14 days. Which is why quarantine is 2 weeks after exposure. You’re not out of the woods yet.

    • You blandly repeat the duckspeak as if you had any clue what is real. Testing positive for Covid is completely random, all of the positive results false positives, but more importantly, all of the test results false. Fourteen days is a made up number based on zero science as the supposed virus has never been isolated, the primer used in PCR part of the human genome, and use of PCR to find it quack science. Anyway, how can something that is not alive mobilize, attack, and stay virulent for 14 days? Why not 15 days, or 7? It is complete bullshit.

      I sadly have to undergo outpatient surgery for a hernia that is troubling, a genuinely necessary medical procedure, and in so doing must undergo PCR. I am going to demand to know the number of amplification cycles used in the test, as even as I know use of PCR is bogus, officially, even the lying criminal liar Fauci says anything over 35 yields nonsense. In the real world, where PCR is used for comparison of DNA strands in criminology, it is understood that beyond 25 cycles, results begin to degrade, and that at 35 cycles, it is only 3% reliable. They normally use 40, completely bogus. If I am quarantined based on this bullshit science, I intend to file a writ of habeas corpus, unjust imprisonment. We will see where that gets me in this East German prison system.

      Medtech 101, you are truly full of shit..

      • medtech 101 says:

        Who said anything about PCR? I was just talking about the incubation time of a virus. You might want to look the word “incubation” up.


        • The PCR test IS the virus. Without PCR, the pandemic ends. Today. I have read the tales about incubation time of a virus with this knowledge that you lack: No virus has ever been proven to exist or to cause disease. Therefore, measuring incubation periods is angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin pseudoscience.I’ve done my homework on this matter. I do not want to clutter up the RD blog with this subject. If you want to discuss this matter further, I am at pieceofmindful.com. I will happily engage you.

        • medtech 101 says:

          lol. So I guess you’ve never had a cold or the flu either. What a superman! And I guess all the hospitals are in on the conspiracy, too, what with all their reports of ICUs filling up and people dying.

          I hope the clinic or hospital that you are getting your procedure done at isn’t one of those in on the conspiracy. You might wake up with a tube jammed down your throat so you can just be another fake number in a database full of nonsense.

        • I have offered to engage you on a different forum so as not to hijack this one. You avoid me with good reason, as I will crush you. I suggest you stand down and shut up. In the mean time, look up two names, as they apply to you in spades: Dunning and Krueger.

      • medtech 101 says:

        My you’re full of yourself today. Just remember, the person testing your blood before they put you under is a med tech just like myself. I hope you have enough trust in science to believe that he/she won’t goof up and send a bad report to your anesthesiologist/surgeon, or you might end up in the ICU. And I’ll bet your whole surgical team wears masks too. How embarrassing it must be for you that they’ll require you to wear one when you enter the outpatient clinic.

    • Here’s a study, published in Oxford Academic, by Rita Jaafar, et al, which concludes that PCR testing, by the time 35 amp cycles are used, is <3% reliable. CDC/WHO uses 40. Ergo, virtually all positive "cases" since they started this practice are false positives, and the 14 day quarantines, quack science anyway, unjust imprisonment without due process, and medical fascism.


      But what does it matter when the system is rigged? No one cares about real science. It is only about fear and intimidation.

      *Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR process, 1993 Nobel Laureate for it, says it was never intended to diagnose disease and should not be used for that purpose. It is a "qualitative" test, not "quantitative", and does not measure viral load, that is, cannot actually count the angels on the pinhead. He conventionally died in August 2019. No doubt, as he was a man of integrity, he would be saying that the use of PCR to diagnose SARS-Cov-2 is bogus.

      Again, Medtech 1010, you are truly full of shit.

      • medtech 101 says:

        Again, who is talking about PCR? Not me. And funny that you would try to use science to debunk science — kicking the stool from out under your butt, so to say.

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