Zoom Town Elections June 15

by Travis Mateer

I just posted the latest episode of Zoom Town featuring political analysis from Tim Adams and my Gonzo perspective on issues facing our community, like homelessness.

Thanks for listening.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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3 Responses to Zoom Town Elections June 15

  1. TC says:

    Great episode today!!! I think Greg’s idea of even a loose outline helped focus the discussion.
    Couple random thoughts:
    1) Today’s KGVO with City/County leadership was unbelievable (in that it was not based in reality). Juanita was the only participant that came across as a “public servant”. The rest came across as smug, condescending and Way Smarter (in their minds) than the riff raff rednecks that call into talk radio. Thank you for bringing that up – I encourage everyone to listen to that repeat.
    2) Perfect offered solution of partnering w/UM and addressing our “unsheltered” issue in vacant dorms. This is not a new idea but you will not hear it from any leadership. Our Incident Command Team is supposed to find available, accessible sites w/ bus access and proximity to services. UM fits all those bills but Im guessing the IC Team will not even offer that as an alternative. I wish they would just so we could see Clayton squirm! Elder/ Carlino should run on this alternative.
    3) Just as Pehan went from a standard govt job to Director of Innovation and Omnipotence, Emily Brock has been elevated by the County. Usually when there is a governmental promotion and a story is filed there will be a stock photo included (to their credit the Missoula Current did just that). However, the Missoulian has photos attached that seemed more apt for Sunset or Vanity Fair. Ive never seen that with this type of story. Perhaps she has a connection to the Missoulian…….hmmm.
    4) Finally, and most importantly, Missoula City and County have merged. Strohmaier was City Council under Engen, Slotnick was hand picked by Engen, Brock was Council under Engen and his last election treasurer, City CAO was poached by Engen, etc, etc. It is all one big incestuous tribe. Unfortunately for you, the shit the average Missoula City resident eats because of them will soon arrive in the County – even if you live in Seeley (to Stro/Slot Seeley folk are just rednecks too dumb to know better).
    Based on the length of my response you can tell what a great pcast this week was! Thank you for informing us locally – please continue!!!

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